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A game in which the gentleman is still worth more than the woman, the Dutch Indy Mellink (23) found that annoyingly old-fashioned in these times. As an alternative, she came up with a gender-neutral card game in which the main characters are exchanged for gold, silver and bronze.

It was while explaining a game of cards to her nephews and nieces last summer that Dutch games fanatic Indy Mellink realized that there is something wrong with a standard card game. “I told them that by default the gentleman is above the woman,” she explains to RTL Nederland. “I thought, huh, what am I actually saying?”

The outrage inspired her to design a new card game herself. With loads of time during the corona crisis and a creative brain fascinated by games, she came up with a new concept. In it, the gentleman, lady and farmer have been replaced by gold, silver and bronze respectively. She designed the cards herself, which can be purchased for 9.95 euros through her GSB Playing Cards webshop.

The new design from Indy Mellink. Credit: GSB Playing Cards

Indy does not want to wipe out the traditional version with her card game, but rather offer an alternative to those who wish. The responses she receives have reportedly been mixed. Usually it is women who respond positively. She is also often told that “such a small detail does not matter”, but she sees it differently. “It is precisely this subtle form of sexism that influences people, without them realizing it, in their work and personal life”, it sounds at RTL Nederland. “I study forensic psychology and I am very much aware of this problem because of the studies I read and the therapies I give.”

Indy also wants to give other games a new look in the future. Despite the king’s central role in chess, this currently popular game is not on the priority list. “By the way, it is a Spanish queen who once invented the division of roles in the game”, the Dutch delicately notes.

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