Dutch solar-powered city car is getting faster and getting doors

The Squad Solar City Car was unveiled late last year. The basic model is a doorless car with solar panels that runs at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. With a size of 1 by 2 meters, three to four copies of the car fit in a normal parking lot.

Sqaud said last year that if there was enough demand, there would also be a version that can drive 80 kilometers per hour. That question appears to be there and so both models come on the market. With modifications: in addition to the model without doors, there are also versions with half doors against, for example, splashing water, and with full doors against the rain. Full doors were particularly in demand, also with a view to theft or unwanted use.

The full-door version also gets air conditioning, which Squad says is unique for a car of this size and price point. The trolley costs from 5750 euros, excluding VAT. Half doors cost 500 euros extra, full doors 1000 euros extra and those who want air conditioning will pay an extra 1500 euros extra.

The first copies of the Squad are expected to be delivered in late 2021.


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