Dutch tech enthusiasts skeptical about food from a 3D printer

This is evident from research by Deliveroo, which spoke to 304 Dutch people. More than half of the respondents think that we should not mess too much with our food.

Only a quarter of those surveyed think they will eat meat grown in a laboratory in the next ten years. In addition, men are more willing than women to eat a cultured steak. In addition, older people are more skeptical than young respondents.


Meals that are specifically focused on our DNA are also not popular. This diet should be more in line with our personal genetic structure, but 78 percent of the respondents are not willing to donate DNA for this. They consider the privacy concerns too great.

Super washed

The Dutch are more positive about other innovations in the food world. For example, 70 percent expect dairy and nut-free alternatives to milk to become mainstream within ten years. About 69 percent expect the same from super crops and 68 percent think this about protein substitutes.

Slightly more than half of the respondents suspect that in ten years’ time we will also eat protein-rich insects. But only 37 percent also see themselves eating such a bug.

Tech buffs only

The research focused only on Dutch people who follow technology closely. As a result, the study does not provide an idea of ​​what the average Dutch person wants.


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