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Dutch travelers are perfectly happy with a more expensive flight ticket in 2021

Air tickets are expected to become more expensive in 2021. Three quarters of Dutch travelers understand this very well, given the current circumstances, according to research.

The main reason for more expensive airline tickets is – of course – the disaster year 2020 due to the corona pandemic. The political proposal to introduce a flight tax is also still on the table. 75 percent of Dutch air travelers would understand if the price of an airline ticket rises in the coming year, according to a survey by among 1,832 respondents.

Looking at this year, not all tickets are pricey at the moment…:

Half wants to pay more for a plane ticket

The ticket site gauged the mood among Dutch air travelers through a survey with the main question: “ How much are you willing to pay extra for a flight ticket? ” While three-quarters of travelers would understand a price increase, nearly 50 percent are also willing to pay more for a ticket. The most frequently mentioned is an additional cost of 25 to 100 euros.

A photo of a plane ticket and money

For a return ticket to a European destination, 35 percent of the respondents are willing to pay a maximum of 250 euros. 34 percent are willing to pay up to 150 euros. In June, asked the same question and the percentages were lower: then 18 percent were willing to pay a maximum of 250 euros. At the time, 23 percent reported that they were willing to pay a maximum of 150 euros.

Conditions for higher prices

Sander van Veen, marketing manager at the site, explains that the traveler does attach certain conditions to any additional price. “They clearly expect flexibility from airlines, such as being able to cancel and get your money back or change the trip because of Covid-19. Consumers consider health and safety on board an aircraft even more important than before. It is therefore sensible for companies to do everything they can to guarantee this. ”

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Dutch travelers are perfectly happy with a more expensive flight ticket in 2021


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