Dynasty Warriors celebrates its 20th birthday with over 700 songs on Spotify and Co.

If the selection of music from the various providers seemed too little for you so far, or if you are simply fans of Dynasty Warriors then the following announcement is for you: The music libraries of Spotify, Apple Music and Co. will be expanded by more than 700 titles of the Dynasty Warrios series. Yes, over 700 songs.

Specifically, the selection of songs spans Dynasty Warriors 2 to the latest offshoot of the series, Dynasty Warriors 9. There are also soundtracks from the Xtreme Legends expansions and the Empire standalones. Special emphasis should also be placed on titles that Koei Tecmo has never published before and that were partly sung by the voice actors of the Japanese versions.

According to the Japanese press release, there is no regional limit for this explosion of music titles, so fans from all over the world can listen to the sounds. In addition to Spotify and Apple Music, the tracks for streaming also appear for Amazon Music and YouTube Music. However, they can be bought in the iTunes Store and on the Japanese sites Recochoku and MORA.

20 years of Dynasty Warriors

Koei Tecmo started the celebrations for the 20th birthday of Dynasty Warriors in August with a great illustration and a special trailer. Fans of the series should be especially happy about the announcement that an anniversary title will appear. The release of all of these soundtracks should only be a foretaste of what’s to come.

via Siliconera, images: Dynasty Warriors 9, Koei Tecmo / Omega Force


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