Dyson Zone: Quirky ANC headphones with breathing air filter

Dyson has introduced active noise canceling headphones that also clean the air you breathe. A real eye-catcher!

The bizarre-looking new product is called the “Dyson Zone”. First of all, these are over-the-ear headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). The music is transmitted via Bluetooth. So far it’s nothing unusual.

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But at the same time, a kind of “visor” with breathing air filters is also part of it. This leads to a construction that is unusual for everyday use, as can easily be seen in the photo accompanying this report. Unlike face masks, however, this “visor” does not touch the mouth area directly, but is located directly in front of it. The air is sucked in by compressors in the area of ​​the headphones and cleaned there in filters and then exits behind the visor and thus directly in front of the mouth in an air stream. For situations in which wearing a mask is mandatory, Dyson also offers an attachment for the “Zone” – this should meet FFP2 standards, as Engadget explains.

This “visor” is magnetically attached to the headphones and can be quickly removed. The device also has hinges that allow you to fold down the visor so you can have a normal conversation with other people without having to take the whole contraption off. The filter effect can also be regulated so that when you need more air – for example when climbing stairs – you get it immediately. Dyson even installs an accelerometer that automatically adjusts the airflow regulation to an increased walking pace.

The photo illustrates the air flow.

Dyson promises that the filter should filter out 99 percent of the particles. The filter has to be replaced after about a year, with the specific period of use depending on usage. Six years of research are said to have gone into the device.

An employee of The Verge has already been able to try out a prototype. According to this, the ANC should work solidly and you should be able to feel the air that is pressed towards your mouth. But the overall construction should have a noticeable weight. In addition, you can easily hear the whirring of the air compressors when you are not listening to music.

Sales start in autumn 2022

Sales start should be in autumn 2022. Dyson has not yet given any information on the price. Information on battery life and weight is also missing.

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