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E-bikes at Stiftung Warentest: This is the test winner

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E-bikes, also known as electric bicycles or pedelecs, are enjoying increasing popularity. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of German households with an e-bike doubled from 2014 to 2018 – and the trend is rising. No wonder, after all, the advantages of e-bikes are obvious. This is how they get the cardiovascular system going, train joints and muscles and control the pulse.

in the test at Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, e-bikes are not really cheap. Therefore, you should be well informed if you want to buy an electric bike. The Stiftung Warentest provides a good starting point for a purchase decision. The consumer organization tested twelve models for the June 2020 edition. Only four e-bikes did well.

Test winner:
The best e-bike according to Stiftung Warentest

The Macina Tour 510 electric bike was rated best by KTM * with an overall rating of 1.7. The experts at Stiftung Warentest praise the test winner for its high level of security and durability. In addition, the e-bike has a good drive and its handles and saddle are relatively free of pollutants. The Macina Tour 510 also scored particularly well with its pleasant driving experience. No other of the tested models in this category was able to achieve a better grade. This makes this e-bike the clear favorite of Stiftung Warentest.

KTM Macina Tour 510 – 2,999.00 euros at Lucky Bike *

You can buy the test winner from Stiftung Warentest for example via Lucky Bike for 2,999.00 euros *. The trekking e-bike is ideal for long bike tours because it has a powerful Bosch electric drive and a comfortable saddle and handle. According to the Stiftung Warentest, it is also very stable with luggage. This is ensured, among other things, by the high-quality workmanship of the bike and the suspension on the saddle and fork. The range of the quickly charged battery was 55 kilometers in the test. And shouldn’t the battery be enough? No problem, because even without motor support, the Macina Tour 510 from KTM * drives better than the other e-bikes tested.

you’d better keep your hands off these e-bikes

In addition to the Macina Tour 510 from KTM *, only three other e-bikes received the overall rating of “good”: the E-Courier PT5 from Stevens (2.3), the Premium Evo 10 Lite from Pegasus * (2.4) and that Kent 9 by Raleigh * (2.4). Three additional models were rated “satisfactory” and “sufficient”. But there are also two electric bikes that have not passed the test. These are the Endeavor 5.S Move from Kalkhoff and the Paramount 10G from Kettler, both of which only received the grade “poor”. Of these two pedelecs (which are not very different in price from the test winner), you should better keep your hands off.

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