E-bikes from these 2 top manufacturers defective

According to a current survey, 84 percent of e-bike owners state that they ride more bikes than before due to their e-bikes. The electric motor also seems to act as a motivator. According to the two-wheeler industry association, around 5.4 million so-called pedelecs are currently on the move in Germany.

For this reason, Stiftung Warentest tested twelve e-bikes with a mid-engine, hydraulic disc brakes and wave frames with a fully integrated battery for the June issue of the magazine “test”. The bikes cost between 2,150 and 3,500 euros. In the end, two e-bikes fail with the grade “poor”. They disappoint in the test with frame cracks or problems with fire safety, such as a short circuit in the electrical contacts on the plug connections of the battery and charger. But four pedelecs are “good”, safe, robust and contain no harmful substances.

The test winner in the e-bike race: KTM Macina Tour

When it comes to driving characteristics, the testers convinced ten of the twelve e-bikes tested. However, only four bikes were able to assert themselves as robust and safe enough in the further tests to achieve a good overall rating. The KTM Macina Tour 510 sits at the top of the field and gets a grade of 1.7. The Stevens E-Courier PT5, the Pegasus Premio Evo 10 Lite and the Raleigh Kent 9 are also “good” but much worse.

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These 2 e-bikes fail

The Stiftung Warentest rated two pedelces as “poor”. The Endeavor 5.S Move from Kalkhoff and the Kettler Paramount 10G fail in the test. Above all, the safety and durability of the two wheels could not convince the testers. In both models there is a risk of fire in the event of a short shot.

Another surprise: the most expensive e-bike in the test does not go beyond the overall grade of “sufficient”. The Gotour 6 flyer costs around 3,500 euros, but showed cracks in the frame after the durability test.

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In addition, the consumption protection organization found high amounts of the plasticizer DPHP in the saddles of Falter, Winora and Kreidler, which damages the pituitary and thyroid gland in animal experiments. “We still rate this as sufficient, since there is no legal limit,” said the testers.

E-bikes tested: short ranges, long charging times

There are hardly any differences in terms of range. All twelve bikes cover about 50 kilometers. However, what follows is absurd. While the batteries of some models need almost three hours to be fully charged again, five models are only ready for use again after around 7 hours.

In addition, all the bikes in the test weigh an impressive 26 to 28 kilograms. For many cyclists, this should be a major hurdle, especially when climbing stairs.

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