E-bikes under 2000 euros: test

Inexpensive e-bikes under 2000 euros in check

Does a good e-bike have to be expensive? No, not automatically. BIKE BILD tested six e-bikes for less than 2000 euros. These are the winners and losers!

E.-Bikes are the trend companions of our time: practical and flexible like bicycles, but less strenuous to ride thanks to the electric boost. Unfortunately, unlike with a well-behaved bike, you usually have to dig deep into your pocket. The main price drivers for e-bikes are the electronic components engine, Battery and display. But also frames and mechanical drive components have to withstand the greater loads of the motor-assisted two-wheeler and accordingly have to be of higher quality. Most e-bikes cost 3,000 euros or more. There are hardly any upper limits and five-digit amounts are possible without any problems. Isn’t that also possible cheaper? Yes, it works. Most brand manufacturers offer entry-level pedelecs at prices around 2500 euros. The selection is quite good. And it can be even cheaper. The absolute price barrier in the area E bike is just under 2000 euros. There are by no means only B-class bikes or products from Asia that do not pass any quality inspection. Some e-bike manufacturers deliberately rely on the low price as a sales argument (in the test for example Fischer, VanMoof and Prophete), others would like to be represented with at least one model in the budget segment (BBF, Stella and Rayvolt).
#E-bike bestsellerto offer

Eskute e-bike (28 inch)

Price *: 999.99 euros


Ancheer City E-Bike (26 inch)

Price *: 809.99 euros


smartEC Camp-20D folding bike (20 inches)

Price *: 1099.00 euros


Moma Bikes E-Bike (26 inch)

Price *: 832.57 euros


VIVI eMTB (26 inch)

Price *: 719.90 euros

* Amazon price from May 4th, 2021

Test: inexpensive e-trekking bikes, comfort pedelecs, urban e-bikes

Inexpensive e-bikes RAYVOLT CLUBMAN

Style before function at Rayvolt: The Clubman model combines an outstanding look with wild technology.

© Daniel Geiger / AUTO BILD

We asked ourselves: What do you get if you want to spend less than 2000 euros on an e-bike? In search of the answer we have the most diverse test field for a long time put together: Two e-trekking bikes, two comfort pedelecs for everyday use and two cool urban e-bikes with a style factor go into the race. Mid-motors versus hub drives, plug-on batteries versus fully integrated battery storage, old-school ladies’ bike versus smart bike. They all have only one thing in common: They cost less than 2000 euros. First and foremost, the motor determines the driving experience and performance of an e-bike. If you want a lot of power, for example with e-mountain bikes or cargo bikes, you usually get a powerful mid-engine from Bosch, Shimano or Brose. In our test, only one model from Bosch and Shimano is represented; the competitors come from Bafang or AEG, for example. The The AEG drive achieves top values ​​on the test bench and the in-house front wheel hub motor from VanMoof. Interesting: The results of the test of the maximum performance do not necessarily correlate with the information given by the manufacturer on the torque of the motors. The VanMoof hub drive on the test bench delivers a maximum torque of 59 Newton meters at a peak of 648 watts, the Fischer mid-mounted motor provides only 540 watts of support with a torque of 80 Newton meters.

Range test: values ​​between 31 and 93 kilometers

Inexpensive e-bikes VANMOOF S3

If shifting is too complicated for you, you can also opt for an automatic system like the VanMoof S3.

© Daniel Geiger / AUTO BILD

The performance of all the engines tested is sufficient for everyday driving. For most users, the more decisive factor when making a purchase is how much distance the battery can manage. At our Range test showed values ​​between 31 (Rayvolt Clubman) and 93 (VanMoof S3) Kilometers. An important criterion if you use the e-bike every day, but don’t want to plug it in after three to four trips. The mechanical bicycle components help decide whether you only want to use your e-bike for everyday use or also on tour. A derailleur with nine or ten gears, as on the e-trekking bikes from Fischer and Prophete, offers more performance on bike tours or in hilly terrain. A gear hub is more suitable for everyday use because it is less subject to wear like at the BBF Lyon. And if that is too complicated for you, you can opt for an automatic gearshift such as the VanMoof S3 or Stellas Avalon. City and touring pedelecs are primarily to be found in the inexpensive e-bike segment. Accordingly, most of our test candidates are equipped with a lighting system, mudguards and luggage racks as well as a stand. For the vast majority of users, these are absolutely sensible features. We only consider a suspension fork necessary for trekking use, when driving in the city the dampers increase the weight and offer very little added value on paved paths. (Read more exciting bike tests at

E-bikes for less than 2000 euros: it doesn’t work without compromising

Cheap e-bikes

Good and cheap: The BIKE BILD test shows that even pedelecs in the lowest price range can be a lot of fun.

© Daniel Geiger / AUTO BILD

So what do you get if you want to spend less than 2000 euros on an e-bike? Our test shows that you can find functioning and fully equipped e-bikes for city and touring even in the economy segment. One thing is certain: At one point or another, every developer had to use the red pencil. The BBF Lyon and the Stella Avalon do not have as powerful a drive as the competition, with the Rayvolt Clubman we miss the care in the workmanship, and the VanMoof S3 loses points in terms of equipment. Even the otherwise excellent Prophet eSUV loses points in terms of range; the Fischer ETH 1861.1 is still most balanced without achieving top values ​​in one area. One point that shouldn’t go unmentioned compared to premium models is the design. Although our cheap models all work quite well, most of them do not win a beauty prize. The battery under the luggage rack, for example, has since disappeared. On expensive brand name bikes, it has long since disappeared discreetly in the down tube. A pleasant exception in terms of design is the S3 from VanMoof and – with some reservations – the Rayvolt Clubman. The results show: The really big surprise, the one price tip, is not included with the e-bikes under 2000 euros purchase price. However, this does not mean that the bicycles presented and examined here are not a good choice for many users. Be aware that there is always a reason why an e-bike is particularly cheap. Be it the performance, the equipment or the design. You can find all information about our test candidates in the picture gallery!


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