E-car: Information on charging electric cars at the charging station and wallbox

The most common methods in Pay at a public charging station are these Direct debit, the charge card (with an invoice usually at the end of the month) or a Smartphone app (with direct debit). Payment by giro / credit card (with prior registration) or SMS (via prepaid or the electricity bill of your home provider) is also rarely possible. The so-called E-roaming allows you to pay with a charge card with several electricity providers.

The Tariff jungle in Germany is unfortunately still tight with lump sums (session fees), start and basic fees, preferential tariffs or time-based settlements, which in the meantime has even called the Federal Cartel Office onto the scene. Since April 1, 2019, providers have actually had to use one at public charging stations Billing based on actually charged kilowatt hours enable. But there is still too few permits from the 16 local calibration offices in Germany). Because large corporations such as EnBW and Telekom presented plans to convert to pillars that comply with calibration law, the authorities are already tolerating tariffs based on kilowatt hours.

After the “car summit” on November 18, the federal government announced that in 2020 a legal regulation for a uniform payment system at charging stations would be coordinated and resolved promptly.


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