E-car leasing: is it worth leasing an e-car privately?

Beware of the new guidelines on environmental bonuses!

Lease an e-car privately? All information about the costs, advantages and disadvantages of electric car leasing, good leasing offers and the special guidelines!

By increasing the environmental bonus, the so-called innovation bonus, e-cars and plug-in hybrids are now significantly cheaper. Up to 9,000 euros are in it, because the state share of the environmental bonus (also known as the environmental bonus) has doubled – from a maximum of 3,000 euros to now a maximum of 6,000 euros. This has been in effect since July 1, 2020 and is limited in time until December 31, 2021. It is currently under discussion whether the e-car premium should be extended until 2024.

Mobile e-car chargers

Juice Booster 2 (up to 22 KW)

Price *: 979.79 euros

NRGkick 32 A Light (up to 22 KW)

Price: 949.00 euros

NRGkick 16 A Light (up to 11 KW)

Price: 1016.29 euros

* Prices as of November 23, 2020

For vehicles registered after June 4, 2020, the increased environmental bonus can also be applied for retrospectively. The manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus remains unchanged at up to 3000 euros. What many do not know: private and commercial lessees also benefit from government subsidies. As a result, e-cars and plug-in hybrids are now offered as leasing vehicles at significantly lower monthly rates than before.

This is how the environmental bonus works for e-car leasing

Disadvantage: The leasing customer must first make an advance payment before he can apply for the state part of the environmental bonus at BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control). Because for this, the vehicle must first be registered in his name. In order to be able to take advantage of an offer with an environmental bonus from the leasing company, the customer first pays a special additional payment that corresponds to the amount of the state subsidy (e.g. 6000 euros for an electric car). The manufacturer’s share of the bonus is offset immediately in the case of leasing – together with the special additional payment, it affects the monthly leasing rate, which is correspondingly low. As soon as the car is registered for him, the customer applies for the BAFA environmental bonus and, after checking, receives the costs for the extra payment back in the form of the bonus.

In order for the environmental bonus to be paid out, the following requirements must be met:

• It must be an eligible model (BAFA list of eligible models).
• The net list price of the vehicle must not exceed 65,000 euros.
• The manufacturer must have paid his share of the environmental bonus. This must be evident from the leasing contract (comparative calculation of the monthly leasing rate without the manufacturer’s own contribution).

Which documents do I need for the application?

The application for the environmental bonus is made on the BAFA website. The following documents must be submitted via the online portal:
• Lease Agreement
• Binding order for the vehicle (basic price, special equipment, granted discounts must be shown separately in the application documents).
• Calculation of the leasing rate as well as a comparison calculation of the monthly leasing rate without the manufacturer’s own contribution to the environmental bonus.
• Registration certificate part II.
• Evidence package for used cars.

Special features of the term

Caution: As of the end of November, the entire state e-car premium will probably no longer be available for leased e-cars. A new guideline on the environmental bonus stipulates that there should be staggered payments based on the duration of the contract. Then only vehicles with a contract term of more than 23 months will receive full federal funding. For a term of less than 23 months, only half the amount is granted. And this drops to a quarter if the term is less than eleven months. This new regulation is particularly annoying for customers who have already concluded the leasing contract because they assumed the full premium amount. However, since the new regulation applies retrospectively, the premium will be significantly lower if the term is shorter.

What does the leasing rate mean in brackets for offers?

For reasons of transparency, some leasing companies also include a “normalized leasing rate” in brackets in their offers in addition to the leasing rate that results from a special additional payment. The leasing company does not guarantee that the BAFA bonus will actually be paid out. With the normalized leasing rate, the extra payment is converted to the monthly rate for the respective term.

When is electric car leasing worthwhile?

Lease an electric car privately - is it worth it?

Charging stations for electric cars are being set up in more and more public places.

On the one hand, there are the advantages that leasing offers for private individuals in general: The car is always up to date and you can change the model at the end of the contract period. In addition, wear repairs are hardly to be expected, as these are often new or recently used cars. Equity is also spared, and there are usually no or only small advance payments due. You don’t have to worry about selling or losing value.

But now to the special features of an electric car: The acquisition costs of an electric car are higher than that of vehicles with combustion engines. This then also increases the leasing rates. However, since you receive state premiums for e-cars that apply not only to purchase but also to leasing, you can have this premium allocated to the leasing installments. The lessee also benefits from the low operating and maintenance costs and, in some cities, from reduced or even waived parking fees. The service life of the expensive battery system is also irrelevant, as the e-vehicle and battery can be leased. The lessee is therefore not interested in until when the battery will perform at full capacity and whether better storage batteries will come onto the market in the future, as they will only use them for the duration of their rental. Another advantage: Electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax for ten years. The first registration must be between May 2011 and December 2020.

As with any leased vehicle, the lessee is committed to regular maintenance. And when it comes to service and repairs, an electric vehicle can be cheaper, because Electrically powered vehicles are much simpler than cars with an internal combustion engine and have fewer wearing parts. There will be no problems with the clutch, transmission or exhaust. The noiseless Stromer does not require any timing belt, oil filter or spark plug changes.

€ 4,900

Renault ZOE Zen Q210 22kwh battery rental Dealers only traders, electric

50,000 km
65 kW (88 PS)

CO2 0 g / km *

€ 5,790

Renault ZOE Life, electric

64,650 km
43 kW (58 hp)

CO2 0 g / km *

€ 5,940

smart ForTwo Coupé electric drive sale care, electric

61,000 km
35 kW (48 hp)

CO2 0 g / km *

€ 5,980

smart ForTwo ED, electric

47,787 km
35 kW (48 hp)

15.1 kWh / 100km CO2 0 g / km *

€ 5,990

Renault ZOE (without battery) h Intens, electric

57,400 km
68 kW (92 hp)

CO2 0 g / km *

€ 6,188

Renault ZOE Intens Rw210 ab windows, electric

74,877 km
65 kW (88 PS)

CO2 0 g / km *

€ 6,312

Renault ZOE Intens h rental battery purchase possible, electric

33,000 km
65 kW (88 PS)

CO2 0 g / km *

85354 Freising, Autohaus Müller GmbH

66115 Saarbrücken, Scherer GmbH & Co.KG – Volkswagen Center Saarbrücken West

76356 Weingarten Baden, Autohaus Morrkopf GmbH & Co.KG

73265 Dettingen u. Teck, Russ Jesinger Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

78050 Villingen-Schwenningen, Autohaus Stadelbauer GmbH

77694 Kehl, Autohaus Tabor GmbH – Kehl

87700 Memmingen, Autohaus Sirch GmbH

What are the disadvantages of e-car leasing?

The general disadvantages of car leasing are that the vehicle always remains the property of the leasing company, the scope of the insurance usually cannot be determined, all specified service intervals have to be adhered to and it is difficult to terminate a leasing contract early. In addition, there are restrictions on use (in the case of kilometer leasing) and any additional payments, e.g. B. due to excessive signs of wear on return (with residual value leasing).

Lease an electric car privately - is it worth it?

The cold affects e-cars and results in less range.

When it comes to electric car leasing, in particular, the range of e-cars is getting longer, but you can often not get as far with a single charge as with a full tank. Most models can cover significantly more than 250 kilometers on one battery charge, which is usually sufficient for everyday use. However, very few electric cars are suitable for longer journeys or vacation trips. Another point is that the range depends on a number of factors such as the speed or the outside temperature. Not to forget that with e-car leasing there can be additional costs for the battery rental. The longer charging time and the sometimes coarse-meshed network of public charging stations must always be taken into account in an electric car.

Which e-models are available?

Lease an electric car privately - is it worth it?

One of the world’s best-selling electric cars is the Nissan Leaf.

The selection of e-cars is significantly smaller than that of vehicles with conventional drives. The Renault Zoe, the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model 3 have been among the bestsellers for many years. And despite the relatively small selection, there is actually something for everyone. From the small Mini Cooper SE (270 km range), the practical Kia e-Soul (276 km range) to the pragmatic Nissan e-NV 200 Evalia (200 km range) to SUVs such as DS Crossback E-Tense (332 km range), Jaguar I-Pace (336 km range), Mercedes EQC (411 km range) or Tesla Model X (507 km range). Athletes such as the Porsche Taycan (407 km range) are also available.

What should you pay attention to when leasing an e-car?

Anyone who decides to rent a leased electric car as a private person should go through a few points with their dealer. An important aspect is the repair and maintenance of the Stromer. Although an electric car has fewer wearing parts and requires less maintenance, regular inspection is still important. And since not every workshop is an option for an e-car, it is important to clarify which workshop with e-drive competence should take care of the leased car. In addition, it should explicitly be about the battery. Due to age, this loses performance over time. How is this recorded in the contract or in the separate battery rental? In order to avoid expensive surprises at the end of the contract period, these points should be addressed. Good e-car leasing offers can be found time and again on the Internet. It is important to compare the offers and pay particular attention to the small print. What are the transportation costs? Is the battery rental included?

Before deciding on a leased electric car, it is of course also necessary to clarify whether, for example, you have access to a socket in your own parking space that is suitable for correspondingly high charging capacities or whether the installation of a wallbox is necessary. Even if there is no parking space: The future lessee must pay attention to the current situation of the charging stations. Because it is only practicable if the electric car can be charged close to home or work.

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales outlets and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www


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