E-car leasing: is it worth leasing an e-car privately?

Leasing an electric car privately – is it worth it?

Lease an electric car privately? All information about costs, the advantages and disadvantages of electric car leasing as well as good leasing offers!

E-car leasing: advantages
E-car leasing: disadvantages
Electric car: selection
What should you pay attention to when leasing an electric car?

Interest in electric cars is increasing, but the number of electric car buyers in Germany is still low. Last year, according to a survey by the online portal Statista, around 55 percent of those surveyed could fundamentally imagine buying an electric vehicle, in 2019, however, only 63,281 vehicles with purely electric drives were purchased. For comparison: According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, almost 3.3 million vehicles of conventional cars with gasoline and diesel engines were newly registered in the same period. Despite the environmental bonus, electric vehicles often still fail due to the high price and the battery. Unlike with the purchase, however, many problems and ambiguities related to electric cars can be avoided when privately leasing an electric car.

Why is electric car leasing worthwhile?

Leasing an electric car privately - is it worth it?

Electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in more and more public spaces. A few are even free.

On the one hand, there are the advantages that leasing offers for private individuals in general: the car is always up to date and you can change the model at the end of the contract. In addition, hardly any wear repairs are to be expected, since it is often new cars or young used ones. Equity is also protected and there are usually no or only small advance payments. There is also no need to worry about sales or loss of value.

But now to the special features of an electric car: The acquisition costs of an electric car are higher than for vehicles with internal combustion engines. This then also increases the leasing rates. However, since you receive government premiums for electric cars that not only apply when you buy them, but also when you lease them, you can have this premium apportioned to the lease payments. The lessee also benefits from the low costs in operation and maintenance and in some cities, for example, from reduced or entirely waived parking fees. The lifespan of the expensive battery system also does not matter, since the scooter and battery can be leased. The lessee is therefore not interested in when the battery will be at full capacity and whether better battery storage will come onto the market in the future, as he only uses it for the duration of his rental. Another advantage: Electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax for ten years. The first registration must be between May 2011 and December 2020.

As with any leased vehicle, the lessee undertakes regular maintenance. And when it comes to service and repairs, an electric vehicle can make it cheaper, because electrically powered vehicles are much simpler than cars with an internal combustion engine and have fewer wear parts. There will be no problems with the clutch, gearbox or exhaust. The silent Stromer also do not need a toothed belt, oil filter or spark plug change.

Used electric cars with a guarantee

What are the disadvantages of e-car leasing?

The general disadvantages of car leasing are that the vehicle always remains the property of the leasing company, the scope of insurance cannot usually be determined, all specified service intervals have to be observed and it is difficult to terminate a leasing contract early. In addition, there are restrictions on use (for kilometer leasing) and possible additional payments, e.g. due to excessive signs of wear and tear on return (residual leasing).

Leasing an electric car privately - is it worth it?

The cold clogs electric cars and ensures less range.

In addition, especially when it comes to electric car leasing, the range of electric cars is getting longer, but you can often not get as far with one battery charge as with a full tank. Most models can travel significantly more than 250 kilometers on a single charge, which is usually enough for everyday use. However, very few electric cars are suitable for the use of longer distances or vacation trips. Another point is that the range depends on a number of factors such as speed or outside temperature. Not to forget that e-car leasing may incur additional battery rental costs. The longer charging time and the sometimes coarse-meshed network of public charging stations must always be taken into account when using an electric car.

Which E models are available?

Leasing an electric car privately - is it worth it?

One of the world’s best-selling electric cars is the Nissan Leaf.

The selection of electric cars is significantly smaller than that of vehicles with conventional drive. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, there are currently 32 different electric car models to choose from (Status: December 2019), but new models are always added. The best-sellers have been the Renault Zoe, the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model 3 for many years. And despite the relatively small selection, there is actually something for everyone. From the small Mini Cooper SE (32,500 euros, 270 km range), the practical Kia e-Soul (33,990 euros, 276 km range) to the pragmatist Nissan e-NV 200 Evalia (43,433 euros, 200 km range) to SUVs such as DS Crossback E-Tense (39,390 euros, 332 km range), Jaguar I-Pace (77,300 euros, 336 km range), Mercedes EQC (87,980 euros, 411 km range) or Tesla Model X (91,700 euros, 507 km range). Sportsmen like the Porsche Taycan (105,607 euros, 407 km range) are also available.

For an electric car, you always have to dig deeper into your pocket. There are already relatively cheap e-mobiles like Smart EQ Fortwo (18,370 euros) or VW e-Up (21,975 euros). However, the purchase prices for the zero-emission vehicles are still higher. An Opel Corsa costs 13,990 euros, the Corsa-E, however, more than twice as much (29,990 euros), the Peugeot 208 starts at 15,490 euros, the e-208 from 30,450 euros. In fairness, however, it must be mentioned that electric cars are very well equipped. For example, the e-208 is only offered from the second trim level, whereby the 208 is only available in the basic configuration for the basic price. In addition, the current environmental bonus of up to 6000 comes on pure electric cars, which then reduces the purchase price. Because not only with the purchase, private leasing is also eligible. Important to know: The amount of funding is based on the base price of the vehicle. The bonus for pure battery electric vehicles with a net list price of up to 40,000 euros is up to 6,000 euros, for a list price of 40,000 to a maximum of 65,000 euros it is 5,000 euros.

What should you pay attention to when leasing an electric car?

Anyone who chooses a leased electric car as a private person should go through a few points with their dealer. An important aspect is the repair and maintenance of the Stromer. Although an electric car has fewer wear parts and requires less maintenance, a regular inspection is still important. And since not every workshop is an option for an electric car, it is important to clarify which workshop with electric drive expertise should take care of the leased car. In addition, it should be explicitly about the battery. Due to age, this loses performance over time. How is this recorded in the contract or in the separate battery rental? In order to avoid expensive surprises at the end of the contract term, these points should be addressed. Good e-car leasing offers can always be found on the Internet. It is important to compare the offers and pay particular attention to the small print. How much are the transfer costs? Is the battery rental included?

Before deciding on a leased electric car, it must of course also be clarified whether, for example, you have access to a socket at your own parking space that is suitable for correspondingly high charging capacities or whether the installation of a wall box is necessary. Even if there is no parking space: the future lessee must pay attention to the current situation of the charging stations. Because it is only practical if the electric car can be charged close to where you live or work.

Mobile e-car chargers

Juice Booster 2 (up to 22 KW)

Price *: 999 euros

NRGkick 32 A Light (up to 22 KW)

Price: 950.90 euros

NRGkick 16 A Light (up to 11 KW)

Price: 925.90 euros

* Prices: as of April 20, 2020


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