E-car purchase: Federal data protection officer criticizes VW – “makes me crazy”

The Federal Data Protection Officer Ulrich Kelber ordered an electric car from VW a year ago. That was probably a serious mistake, because Kelber is now bursting his collar on Twitter.

According to his own statements, the Federal Data Protection Commissioner Ulrich Kelber ordered an electric car from Volkswagen for leasing a year ago (Kelber does not name the specific model). Kelber is still waiting for this car – and VW does not consider it necessary to inform the customer.

Kelber is now bursting his collar on Twitter.
Kelber describes VW’s behavior in a series of tweets entitled “Sustainability, service and digital competence of companies”.

“A year ago I ordered an electric car. To date it has not been delivered. To date, ZERO active communication by VW,” Kelber begins. The fact that a customer does not know when they will receive their vehicle a year after ordering a car is indeed extremely customer-unfriendly. Kelber emphasizes that even Kelber’s intermediary VW dealer did not receive any information from the group.

The original delivery date passed without VW notifying him, Kelber said. And even after that, there was no information from Wolfsburg about the delivery date. Instead, Volkswagen eagerly sent advertising emails. In these emails, Kelber can read, for example, how many vehicles of the model he ordered VW have already delivered to corporate customers. That’s where the private customer comes into play. VW also informs Kelber about other cars he could buy from VW. VW is only silent about the Volkswagen it ordered.

So Kelber asked. But even when asked, the automotive giant from Wolfsburg was unable to provide information on the delivery date of the electric car ordered. Kelber also notes that the e-car he ordered is immediately available from VW. As part of the ” more expensive subscription model “, as Kelber writes. VW justified this by saying that these would be demonstration vehicles. However, once they have been mediated, they have to be replaced with new vehicles. Kelber emphasizes that he gave his data to VW for contractual matters and for news about his car model. But VW would not use Kelber’s data for this purpose, but for advertising.

Kelber’s conclusion to the address of VW: “It would be my first Volkswagen, if it continues so unprofessionally, it would certainly be the last”. Kelber understands the delivery difficulties due to the lack of chips etc. But don’t excuse the miserable communication policy, as Kelber says: “But this complete inability to communicate in the age of CRM is driving me crazy”.

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