E-cars: Christian Lindner wants to cancel the purchase bonus

If Finance Minister Lindner from the FDP has his way, there will soon be no more subsidies for e-cars.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wants to abolish purchase premiums for electric cars and replace them with tax relief. Experts are critical and want the subsidy to continue, as reported by Zeit Online.

Tax relief instead of a subsidy

“We simply can no longer afford misguided subsidies,”

he told the world on Sunday.

“So far, the cars have been subsidized with up to 20,000 euros over their lifetime, even for top earners. That’s too much. We can save billions that we can use more sensibly.”

The premium should not simply be canceled without replacement. Rather, Lindner sees a tax relief that benefits everyone as a better way.

“The more forcefully we act, the more likely we are to contain inflation,”

said Lindner.

Experts criticize the proposal as “unacceptable”

Reinhard Zirpel from the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK):

“For good reason, in order to achieve the national climate targets, the governing parties announced in the coalition agreement that the purchase bonus for electric cars would be further developed and continued until 2025.”


“The manufacturers of e-vehicles and their customers rely on it. An abrupt end to the e-car premium would therefore mean a serious breach of trust”.

In addition, Zipel warned that a deletion could also lead to a slump in the German market for electric cars and to increasing CO₂ emissions in traffic:

“The discussion alone about an end to the purchase premiums for electric vehicles is already leading to massive uncertainty. The federal government should end this speculation immediately,”

he said.

And the traffic president of the ADAC, Gerhard Hillebrand, evaluates Lindner’s proposal as “unacceptable”.

“Against the background of the subsidy, many consumers have already ordered an e-vehicle. For most models, the delivery times extend well into the next year, so that the planned state subsidy threatens to be dropped,”

Hillebrand continues.

“So far there has been no indication that the federal government intends to completely stop subsidies for purely battery-electric new cars from next year.”

Lindner’s proposal was unacceptable in view of the politically created expectation.

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