E-cars for the future: let’s not be unsettled!

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

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Everywhere you notice: It is a time of upheaval, the uncertainty. There are visions of one clean car worldbut many questions remain. Which cars can we drive how far in the future? How long do the e-mobiles last, where do we charge them, what does the electricity cost? Are they good as Replacement for burners? Can I fill up my current car with e-fuel?

The change in mobility is coming – but not overnight

No wonder: Yesterday it was still clear how we would drive today. But tomorrow? Change replaces certainty. Also, nobody knows who the country is after Bundestag election governs what the parties plan for drivers. Another factor of uncertainty. Today it seems to many that electromobility is an unaffordable, unsatisfactory vision of the future for everyone. And yet we shouldn’t be sorry. Our burners will slowly disappear, but not immediately. According to a forecast, three quarters of the cars on Europe’s roads are likely to be powered by internal combustion engines by 2030. The local auto industry is more innovative than ever and has shaken off the inertia of the past few years.

The big steps towards electromobility are spreading confidence

Let’s think back: Who would have thought in 2015 that today, just six years later, there would be more than 50,000 public charging points, over 500,000 private wall boxes installed, so many applications for funding have already been approved. That VW would offer a Golf class car with an electric range of 550 kilometers with the ID.3 in 2021? The BMW i3 came less than 130 km in 2013 – today it is 359. The German auto industry is in good shape, well developed Everyday electric car after the next. E-car batteries are getting better and better, as is the infrastructure. There is every reason to be confident. The IAA shows how far the development of mobility has advanced. And who knows, maybe I’ll get my wallbox in the end.

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