E-cars in the ADAC breakdown statistics: That’s why they get stuck

Large traction batteries, sensitive powertrain, complicated charging technology: Actually, many doubters think that e-cars should break down much more often or not even start driving at all than conventional cars with combustion engines (e-cars pros and cons). But that’s not true, at least according to the ADAC breakdown statistics for 2021.

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According to breakdown statistics, e-cars have these problems

Although the number of striking electric cars (guide E-Auto-Banne) has almost tripled to around 25,000 cases in the past year. According to the automobile club, this is more due to the equally sharp increase in the number of electric vehicles. As with all other wrecked cars, the most common cause of breakdowns was the 12-volt starter battery. It not only supplies the door opening or multimedia with power, but also activates the high-voltage battery in the underbody of e-cars. The battery, electric motor or charging technology are rarely to blame.

“Yellow Angels” used almost 3.5 million times in 2021

Overall, the “Yellow Angels” with increasing Traffic more to do on the streets again. They were called for help 3.49 million times last year. That was 100,000 more missions than in 2020, but still a good 250,000 fewer missions than in the pre-Corona year 2019.

The most common causes of breakdowns in 2021

The most common causes of breakdowns have not changed. As in previous years, the battery took first place: it again caused 46 percent of all breakdowns. After that follow engine, injection, ignition and sensors with 15.5 percent of breakdowns. Almost 15 percent were due to the body, steering, brakes or chassis, 10 percent to the generator, starter, wiring or light, and 7 percent to the tires.

This is how e-cars perform at the TÜV

Selected products in tabular overview

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ fortwo (formerly Electric Drive); TÜV defect rate 3.5

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BMW i3

BMW i3; TÜV defect rate 4.7

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Renault Zoe R110 ZE 40

Renault Zoe; TÜV defect rate 5.7

RRP from EUR 29,990; Savings of up to EUR 12,910.00

Tesla Model S Facelift

Tesla Model S; TÜV defect rate 10.7

RRP from EUR 101,990.00

Winter months with most breakdowns

The months with the most breakdowns were January and February. The peak day was February 15th, a Monday: the ADAC breakdown helpers had to go out on 21,627 occasions. In total, they covered 48 million kilometers on German roads with their 1,770 vehicles last year.

With material from dpa.

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