E-trekking bike at Aldi for 1,099 euros: How good is the offer?

From August 29, the discounter Aldi will be offering a Prophete e-bike in its online shop for just over 1,000 euros. But how good is the price really?

As of today there is a bargain offer at Aldi – for an e-bike from the popular Prophete brand. We show how good the offer really is. The offer is still available until 18.09.22 or while stocks last. Delivery takes place in 5 to a maximum of 15 days.

E-bike Prophete Alu Trekking for 1,099 instead of 1,400 euros

E-trekking bike Prophete: Comfortable on longer tours

The trekking bike with electric rear wheel support is also suitable for longer tours and uneven routes thanks to its comfort equipment. The powerful Blaupunkt motor pushes up to a speed of 25 km/h and is controlled via the Blaupunkt LC display. You can drive up to 120 kilometers with one battery charge.

Thanks to the aluminum frame, the Prophete e-bike is comparatively light: it weighs 26.5 kilograms. The load capacity specified by the manufacturer is impressive: the driver and luggage together can weigh up to 140 kilograms. Practical: The e-bike is delivered almost completely pre-assembled. All you have to do is screw on the pedals and adjust the handlebars. The shipping itself is free.

The Prophete E-Bike Alu-Trekking is available in two frame shapes: one for men with a diamond frame and one for women with the typical trapezoidal frame (same price). The wheel size and frame height are the same for both variants.

E-bike Prophete Alu Trekking at Aldi for 1,099 instead of 1,400 euros

E-trekking bike Prophete: How good is the Aldi offer?

Aldi states an RRP of 1,399.95 euros for the bike in its shop. The model can be found on the Prophete website at the original price of 1,399.95 euros. The Aldi offer is actually really good, the

Savings amount to just over 300 euros.

But how much do comparable e-bikes cost in other online shops? The Idealo price comparison does not contain the exact same e-bike, but a similar one from 2020: Prophete discoverer 20.EST.10. This is also available in two frame shapes: diamond and trapezoid. The cheapest online offer including shipping is 1,039 euros – a similarly good price as the e-bike offer from Aldi.

Prophete discoverers 20.EST.10 at Idealo from 1,039 euros

Interestingly, Lidl currently has a very similar offer in its shop. A trekking ebike with the same name Prophete E-Bike Alu-Trekking is also advertised there. However, this model from Prophete has a shorter range and a slightly weaker battery compared to the Aldi bike. The Lidl offer price is even higher – at 1,399 euros. We would definitely recommend compared to the Aldi offer.

E-bike Prophete Alu Trekking at Aldi for 1,099 instead of 1,400 euros

Further technical data of the trekking e-bike Alu Prophete

  • High-quality aluminum trekking premium frame, matt black

  • Frame height 52 cm

  • Wheel size: 28 inches

  • Weight: approx. 26.5 kg (incl. battery)

  • Permissible total weight: 140 kg

  • BLAUPUNKT rear wheel motor, brushless, assistance up to 25 km/h

  • Electric current: 12.8Ah

  • Voltage: 36 volts

  • Power: 250 watts

  • maximum range approx. 120 km – depending on driving style

  • 8-speed derailleur with thumb switch

  • BLAUPUNKT LC display with 5-level power control

  • SUNTOUR Nex suspension fork, adjustable

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

  • CONTINENTAL reflective tires

  • ergo grips

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