E85 units authorized on a wider range of vehicles

FlexFuel E85 FFED box

A new decree makes it possible to equip cars with more than 15 horsepower and those with DPF with Flexfuel units.

Until now, only model cars up to 14 fiscal horsepower could receive a system allowing them to operate at Superethanol. On condition of respecting a few conditions. In particular, meet at least the Euro 3 standard. The new decree of February 19, 2021 modifies the previous text of November 30, 2017 on two major points.

First of all, the limit of 14 fiscal horses jumps. Now cars of 15 HP and more are compatible. Leader in the E85 housings, FlexFuel Energy Development (FFED) however provides a clarification on this subject. The housings for these models have yet to be tested and validated by Utac. An operation carried out during the current year 2021.

Also new: petrol cars equipped with a particulate filter are also eligible. Until now, the manufacturers opposed it, claiming that the installation of a box would destroy the DPF. FFED has carried out long-term trials with the DGEC to prove the contrary.

From the 1er April 2021, petrol cars with DPF will be able to receive a FlexFuel box. This measure will satisfy many motorists.

The new decree meets the State’s objective of achieving 14% renewable energy in transport. And this, by 2030.

From now on, around 90% of the cars registered since the beginning of 2001, compatible SP95-E10, can be equipped with a FlexFuel box counterpart. This represents around 10 million vehicles in France.

As a reminder, the SuperethanolE85 reduces CO2 emissions by 50% on average. And 90% those of fine particles.


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