EA bans Russian teams from Apex Legends and FIFA

The publisher Electronic Arts draws level with the ESL and bans Russian teams for several e-sports games.

Electronic Arts has banned Russian esports teams from the professional leagues of Apex Legends and FIFA. To justify this decision, EA

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the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. One was shocked by Russia’s actions and joined the wishes for peace. Out of solidarity, one would also stand by Ukraine. As a result, the teams from Russia and Belarus were removed from the e-sports program. The decision applies immediately. Teams from both countries can no longer compete in the Apex Legends Global Series and EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series.

Other leagues also ban Russian teams

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) and the Danish e-sports league Blast Premier also imposed bans on e-sports teams from Russia in advance. As in the case of the Olympic Games, the only way out for these teams is to take part under a neutral name without a team logo and national colors. The French publisher Ubisoft banned Russian e-sports teams from its programs. Here, too, the teams can continue to participate under a neutral banner. Teams that are fighting for the top spot in the tactical shooter and “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege” are particularly affected.

waiver of prize money

With these decisions, Russia is no longer isolated from the rest of the world only in conventional sports, but now also in the e-sports area. It’s all about bigger prize money every year. Refraining from participating is also associated with major financial losses for Russia.

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