EA Sports: This is what “FIFA” should be called in the future

EA wants to save on the trademark fees for its “FIFA” games in the future and has renamed the football game series without further ado.

Publisher Electronic Arts has been launching a new offshoot of its football simulation for PC and consoles with “FIFA” every year for years. However, in order to be able to print the name on the box, EA has to pay the soccer organization of the same name a hefty $1 billion brand premium. The company intends to save on these expenses in the future. Corresponding rumors about a new name for the “FIFA” series have been doing the rounds on the Internet for several months.

“EA Sports FC” instead of “FIFA”

The publisher now seems to have found this new name in “EA Sports FC” (EA Sports Football Club). The industry magazine Gamesbeat claims to have learned this from internal sources. At the end of last year, EA had the name trademarked. According to rumors, the next edition of EA’s soccer simulation could have this name. A confirmation from the publisher is still pending.

Player and team licenses will be retained

The considerations for terminating the cooperation with FIFA are only about the name of Electronic Arts’ video game. The company wants to keep the licenses for the players and teams. FIFA responded last week by updating the branding for Europe. Video game products are now also expressly mentioned here. The organization could react to EA’s withdrawal with a new “FIFA game” that does not come from EA. However, an official announcement is still pending.

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