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Even if Black Friday 2021 is getting closer, it will still be a few days until the bargain day. In order to bridge the gap and increase anticipation, the shipping giant Amazon is already giving huge discounts on many products. There are also interesting deals for motorists. In the Philips deal, replacement lamps from the brand manufacturer are currently much cheaper than usual. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the deals for you!

Philips deals on Amazon

Philips lights on sale at Amazon

Philips promises up to 200 percent brighter light with the RacingVision GT200 H7 headlight lamp, which is currently on sale at Amazon. According to Philips, the lamp should provide ultra-precise light output thanks to the new quartz technology. The Twinbox, which contains two RacingVision GT 200 H7 lamps, is currently available for only 19.55 euros. The Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 H7 should provide 150 percent brighter light. Instead of 29.25 euros, the double set is now available for only 17.44 euros. That is a saving of 40 percent!

Xenon burner from Philips

You can save over 20 euros when you buy the 42403XVS2 xenon lamp from Philips. The X-tremeVision D3S xenon lamp should provide up to 120 percent more visibility compared to the legal minimum standard. The double set is now available for 114.24 euros instead of 134.40 euros. The Philips X-tremeVision D3S Gen2, which received the rating “very good” in the AUTO BILD xenon lamp test 2021, is currently on sale at Amazon. Instead of 86.23 euros, the lamp is now available for 76.88 euros.
But there are other Philips lights on offer at Amazon. The WhiteVision D3S Gen2 xenon lamp is currently available at a discount of almost ten euros for 70.17 euros. But even those who own a car with H4 headlights can look forward to bargains. The Philips WhiteVision ultra H4 headlight lamp, which is supposed to provide up to 60 percent more light, is currently available as a double set with a 15 percent discount for 16.14 euros.

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