Earn money with Tiktok – this is how it works

Get rich with video clips? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even so, there are a few ways you can make good money on Tiktok.

The video platform Tiktok is one of the most widely used social networks at the moment, alongside Instagram, Snapchat and the like. Tiktok recently reported that it had over 1 billion active users. High-reach Tiktokers have long since shared their video clips no longer just for entertainment, but also generate considerable income with them. And the good news is that once you have a large and loyal fan base, you can make money with it just as easily. This guide shows you how this works and how much money you can earn on average with Tiktok.

How much money do you make with Tiktok?

The amount of potential Tiktok earnings depends on what sources of money you use and what your reach is. Unlike Instagram, the Tiktok algorithm is far more powerful and – with appropriately good content and targeted marketing strategies – can make you famous within a few days. To give you specific figures: According to NBC News, a Tiktoker with around 5 million followers earns between 5,000 and 8,000 US dollars for a sponsored post. In German-speaking countries, however, the sales margin can vary. It should also be remembered that international (i.e. English-speaking) accounts are usually more in demand.

Sponsorships are a highlight for every Tiktok user, but they are unrealistic at the beginning and, above all, a bit of luck. Therefore, we will introduce you to a few other approaches that you can influence and control much better yourself. You have these options to make money on Tiktok:

  1. Live streams

  2. Affiliate marketing

  3. Sponsorship

  4. Merchandise / product sales

Live streams – a well-founded source of income

You don’t have to have an audience of millions to watch live streams, but of course the income usually increases with the number of viewers. Tiktok creators use this type of communication, for example, to answer questions from their followers or to record popular challenges. The followers can reward the creator with gifts via an internal currency unit – the coin – which he can then exchange for real money. In detail, the settlement of this virtual currency is a little more complicated, but what ultimately matters is:

A viewer can donate a maximum of around 70 euros to a creator per livestream.

That sounds very lucrative with a large audience, but don’t be fooled. Depending on the reach and loyalty, an influencer receives between 20% and 80% of the income generated from a live stream. Tiktok star Salina, who is active under the username “Salinakilla” with more than two million followers, reveals to BusinessInsider that she

an average of between $ 20 and $ 50 per livestream


Passive income through affiliate marketing

Another source of money that you have on your own is income from affiliate marketing. With this form of marketing you link products and receive a commission if it is bought via this link. For example, you can link your video equipment such as cameras and lighting or other products that you use for or in your content. Affiliate marketing is a passive income because it runs steadily in the background without you having to actively do anything for it (once the affiliate links are set).

However, it is difficult to give exact numbers here, because in addition to the products themselves, of course, it also depends on how well your followers respond. Nevertheless, it can turn into a nice penny if you have a little patience and advertise the products appropriately.

Sooner or later, Tiktokers that have built up a high reach will receive inquiries from sponsors. Such advertising deals are a tremendous boost for your own success and therefore a highlight in the “Tiktok business” for many. Tiktok occasionally also organizes its own campaigns such as the “Hashtag Challenge”, in which the platform acts as a sponsor. Furthermore, you always have the opportunity to become active yourself and to ask companies for cooperation.

With sponsorships, you advertise products from companies that you usually receive free to try out and demonstrate. Cross-platform sponsorships where you broadcast the promotional video not only on Tiktok, but also on Instagram, for example, are particularly practical and sought-after. The income that can be generated is correspondingly variable.

From 100 euros to five-digit amounts

Pretty much anything is possible – there are no rules of thumb or fixed calculation bases for this.

By the way, you can also make money with music deals. With videos with millions of views, artists or record companies are willing to pay you huge sums of money to put in a particular song.

Sales through merchandise

Another possible source of money is the sale of self-designed products, which you can offer either on your own or through cooperation with companies. A very popular program is Merch by Amazon (MBA)

where you create t-shirts or other merch items and sell them on Amazon.

Merchandise is of course only lucrative if there are enough willing buyers and you have a certain recognition value that makes the item attractive. If you take the MBA royalties (sales proceeds before taxes) as the basis for calculation, this results

a gross profit margin between € 1.75 and € 8.23 ​​per T-shirt sale

. In detail, that doesn’t seem like much, but once you start making double-digit sales per day, you see it differently. The nice thing about merchandise is that there is no upper limit, because you don’t have to limit yourself to clothing.

Conclusion: That’s how much money you make with Tiktok

With Tiktok live streams alone, it is possible to build up a nice extra income. If there are also commissions from affiliate sales and initial sponsoring, sales can quickly multiply. The most important thing when making money with Tiktok is always the range. Make sure you have creative and regular videos to keep your followers engaged and grow your community. In this way, you can attract the attention of companies that offer you long-term, lucrative deals in the four- to, in some cases, five-digit range.

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