Earth Defense Force: World Brothers wreak havoc with special abilities

The next Earth Defense Force game is guaranteed not to be a round thing. So at least graphically, because the offshoot Earth Defense Force: World Brothers relies on an unusual voxel look. Otherwise, much remains the same, in the 3D action shooter you fight against insectoid invaders.

D3 Publisher has now started a weekly video series that presents the various features of the game individually and in detail. In the first part you saw the weapons and accessories at the beginning, now it goes on with the skills and special attacks.

What to expect in Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

The earth is a cube. Unfortunately, this new geometry does not offer any protection from the towering crawling animals. It gets even worse because the earth has broken into several pieces. In the 3D action shooter, players have to put together a party of four from a selection of soldiers and put a stop to the invaders.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be released in Japan on December 24th for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The spin-off will appear digitally in the West a little later in early 2021.

Abilities and special attacks from Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

via Gematsu, images: Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, D3 Publisher / Sandlot, Yuke’s


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