Earthquake in Croatia: KURIER readers collected 182,000 euros

Positive reactions to the KURIER relief campaign

At the beginning of the week, the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Vienna, Daniel Glunčić, sent “Thank you very much for your detailed reporting” to the KURIER editorial team. At the same time, his Austrian colleague in Zagreb, Markus Wuketich, paid his respects.

Michael Opriesnig, General Secretary at the Austrian Red Cross, thanks the KURIER readers “for their generous donations”. And Andreas Knapp, Foreign Aid General Secretary of Caritas Austria, emphasizes: “These donations made a real difference for those affected. The heated living containers enable villagers to stay with their houses, animals and gardens and thus maintain their livelihood. “

So far, 127,000 euros have been received in the donation accounts of the two cooperation partners. In addition, the aid campaign was supported by Austrian companies that are active in Croatia: They provided containers worth 55,000 euros.

The two professional helpers, Opriesnig and Knapp, are already planning the next steps: “You need to be patient for the reconstruction.”

In the next two years, the aim is to support 35,000 people in central Croatia with their new start financially and with equipment. With the money they can make repairs, purchase seeds, livestock and building materials. A second pillar is the health and psychological help of those affected.

The donation accounts of Caritas and the Red Cross will remain open for KURIER readers.


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