Easter Egg discovered in Windows 1.0 – that gives it away

Windows 1.0 was released in 1985. But only now did a tinkerer discover an Easter Egg in this early version of Windows. That’s in the Easter Egg.

In November 1985, Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0; as an “add-on” for the underlying and still essential DOS . However, the first Windows operating system was not a success and is only important for reasons of the history of technology. But now a tinkerer and Windows enthusiast actually discovered another Easter egg in this Windows veteran.

Lucas Brooks has his discovery

here on Twitter

More specifically, he found the Easter Egg in Windows 1.0 RTM (Release to manufacturing). The Easter Egg shows the names of the Windows team members in a small window. You can scroll through the list of Windows 1.0 developers with the mouse pointer. In the small window there is also a “Congrats!” – “Congratulations!”.

The list of Windows team members includes Gabe Newell – CEO of Valve (Half Life, Steam). Newell had worked at Microsoft until 1996, where he was involved in the development of Windows 1.0 and Windows 2, among other things.

However, Brooks does not know how to correctly start the Easter egg in Windows 1.0 RTM (ie which key combination to press or where to click with the mouse pointer). Instead, Brooks started the easter egg by modifying some binaries and using a few more tricks.

From Windows 1 to 11: The History of Windows

In his

twitter account
published Brooks yet

more discoveries from old DOS and Windows versions
– browsing is worthwhile for Windows fans.

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