Easyjet hacked: 770,000 German customers affected. What you need to know

The British airline Easyjet has become the target of a hacker attack. The airline announced on Tuesday. The attack had already been discovered in April and an investigation had been initiated. Unauthorized access has now been blocked. The attack came from a “highly specialized source”.

We give you the most important questions and answers about the attack:

How many customers are affected?

A total of around nine million customers worldwide have accessed the data.

Are German customers included?

According to Easyjet, around 770,000 German customers are among the victims of the hacker attack.

What information has been hacked? Do the hackers now have my passport details?

According to the internal investigation, names, email addresses and travel information were checked, but no details of passports were found. However, the credit card details were also captured from 2,208 customers. According to Easyjet, there is no evidence that the personal data has been misused so far.

How do customers find out if they are affected by the hacker attack? And what do you have to consider now?

Affected customers would be contacted by May 26, according to Easyjet. Anyone who has not heard from the airline by then will not be affected. “We notify our customers and advise them to continue to be vigilant as usual, especially if they receive unsolicited communications,” Easyjet replies when asked by “We also recommend that our customers be careful about messages that are said to come from Easyjet or Easyjet Holidays. This is particularly true given the increased risk of phishing emails since the Covid-19 outbreak. ”

What is Easyjet doing now to help customers? Is there compensation for the hacker attack for affected customers?

“If available, we provided affected customers with a special hotline and also paid for the credit monitoring of all customers whose credit card details were compromised,” explains Easyjet. Credit Monitoring is a service that monitors suspected fraud in credit cards.

How does Easyjet want to protect customers from future hacker attacks?

According to Easyjet, Easyjet has increased its countermeasures to improve the security of its systems. The airline did not give any further details.

Easyjet has created a FAQ about the hacker attack itself, but so far only offers it in English.


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