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Eating fat and no health problems? It is possible, according to research

Do you want to eat fat, but do not experience any health problems? It seems possible. Swedish research shows that a certain treatment can prevent the negative consequences of a high-fat diet.

The research comes from the Rolf Luft Research Center at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The findings were published in the scientific journal Science Advances. The scientists discovered that health problems such as diabetes, which are often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, can be prevented. And this despite an unhealthy and high-fat diet.

Fatty foods and specific treat

It concerns a specific ‘antisense (ASO) treatment’. With a tricky scientific name, the levels of a certain protein drop. This protein is secreted by the liver and small intestine and has an important function in metabolism.

For the study, the scientists fed two groups of mice fat. A group of mice was given the ‘antisense (ASO) treatment’ from the start in combination with fatty food. The other group did not receive the treatment until after ten weeks. The latter group of mice developed health problems such as diabetes, liver disease or obesity.

No health complaints

It was striking that both groups returned to normal health after administering the miracle treatment. The group of mice that received this treatment at the start of the study did not even develop any health problems. Despite the high-fat diet.

Dr. Ismael Valladolid-Acebes is an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery and author of the study. He says: “After a period of ten weeks, all mice in the first group had health problems. They were obese or we saw the first symptoms of diabetes or liver fat. ” But says the researcher, “After the ASO treatment, blood sugar, weight and liver were normal.”

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Do you want to eat fat, but no health problems? According to Swedish research it is possible


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