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Eating from the toilet bowl or behind bars: eye-catching themed restaurants worth trying | Lifestyle

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

This restaurant in Taiwan is all about the toilet. The seats are real toilets, you drink from mini urinals and the tables have toilet bowls with fake poo in them. The dishes are also served in various toilet attributes.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

In the Devil Island Prison Restaurant in China, it feels like eating in a prison. For example, you have to take a photo upon arrival, then your fingerprint will be taken and then you have to walk to your table with fascination. The original idea behind this restaurant was to deter visitors from becoming a criminal. Today, however, it has become more of an attraction.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

This is the first glass restaurant on earth where you can take a look at the ocean about 5 meters deep. During your dinner, don’t be surprised if you see sharks, rays or turtles swimming by.

Disaster Café, Spain

The Disaster Café is located underground in the famous Spanish nightlife town of Lloret de Mar. Small earthquakes are constantly being recreated in this restaurant. The waiter carries safety attributes such as a helmet while serving and the plates are extra heavy. After all, you never know when the “earthquake” will occur.

Giraffe Manor in Langata, Kenya

Ever shared your breakfast with giraffes? In this hotel in Kenya you stand in the restaurant eye and eye with these tall animals. The Rothschild giraffes come by morning and evening from the forest reserve to poke their heads through the window in hopes of a treat.

Dining in the air, worldwide

A real experience that does not require you to leave our own country is dining in the air. This concept is now active in 50 countries, including Amsterdam. Enjoy a 3-course dinner at a height of 50 meters in a floating restaurant.

Hajime in Bangkok, Thailand

This Thai restaurant is one step ahead of other restaurants. In Hajime in Bangkok, robots are fully involved. For example, the friendly robots will take your order and then ensure that the food arrives at your table.


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