Ebay Classifieds: New name, new features, more security

Ebay Classifieds is gone. But only the name, because the platform will soon only be called “classifieds”. New functions are also being added, especially for security. An overview of all changes and innovations.

Ebay classifieds ( which Ebay sold to Adevinta in 2021, which is why the renaming will be necessary in the medium term ) is renamed “classifieds”. The company has already secured the domain, but this page is currently empty. The new brand appearance of including the new logo will be developed by June 2024 and will only become visible gradually.

Ebay Classifieds: Introduction, Tips and Tricks

New function: “Buy Direct”

Ebay classifieds wants to introduce “buy direct” in the coming weeks. Sellers who post fixed-price listings allow prospects to buy directly without prior negotiation or contact with Buy Direct. Buyers pay via Secure Payment (instant bank transfer or credit card options are available initially), and the seller then receives confirmation of receipt of payment and the address the buyer provided for delivery. Sellers can then use the platform to prepare for shipping. The money will be held in escrow until the buyer confirms proper receipt of the item. The buyer has up to 14 days to report a problem (item not received or significantly different from description).

Ebay Classifieds: Purchase on account is now possible – that’s how it works

Risk-based two-factor authentication

Ebay classifieds wants to introduce “risk-based”(!) two-factor authentication in the coming weeks. This is intended to secure registrations by confirming a second factor (e.g. by e-mail) whenever anomalies such as a different location are detected. So, two-factor authentication will not be introduced by default for all login processes.

Phone number field is removed

Ebay classifieds also wants to remove the “telephone number” field in the near future to protect its users. The change only affects private users. In the future, the “telephone number” field will no longer be available for these when placing an ad. The telephone has lost much of its importance as a contact channel for trading via eBay classifieds in recent years – the increasing use of eBay classifieds apps with the message function also contributed to this. On the other hand, the associated risk has increased significantly. The “phone number” field has existed since the launch of Ebay classifieds in September 2009.

Warning against the transmission of sensitive data

Users can still share their phone number with third parties in the messages or through the ad description. However, Ebay classifieds wants to point out the risks associated with providing telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or bank account numbers (IBAN), depending on the context. Corresponding information appears, for example, in the message function after entering an e-mail address or a multi-digit number sequence.

Warning of phishing attacks

Ebay classifieds also warns that there has been an increase in phishing attacks on online classifieds for several months. Fraudsters grab phone numbers from the ad inventory of affected users and contact the affected persons via SMS or Whatsapp (usually they are sellers). The scammers are interested in the items on offer and sometimes ask plausible questions. Then they suggest that they want to pay with a “secure” payment function – called “eBay delivery” or “courier service” among other things. But the scammers always try their victims on platforms

outside of

lured by ebay classifieds. You can read exactly how this scam works here: Ebay classifieds – police warn of new scams

Ebay classifieds rip-off: How to protect yourself

Safety tips for eBay classifieds

The use of “Secure payment” should only be used in


from Ebay Classifieds (app or website). Ebay classifieds do not send SMS in connection with “secure payment” and Ebay classifieds generally do not send messages via messengers such as Whatsapp. Users should never enter sensitive information such as passwords or payment details on a website if they have previously been asked to do so by means of a message and link.

Ebay Classifieds needs to rename itself

Ebay classified ads, & Motor-Talk are sold

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