Ebay Classifieds: Purchase on account is now possible – that’s how it works

From now on, buyers can also select “purchase on account” as a payment option on Ebay classifieds. That’s how it’s done.

Ebay classifieds is now offering “purchase on account” via the payment service provider Klarna as a new payment option for its buyers. The prerequisite is that the seller accepts the payment with “secure payment”.

Because the purchase on account via Klarna is part of “Pay safely”, which Ebay classifieds introduced in 2020. The online classifieds market wants to make it possible for buyers and sellers to handle the transaction securely if handing it over in person is not an option.

This is how “purchase on account” works via Klarna on Ebay classifieds

Buyers use Secure Checkout to request payment for an item. If buyer and seller agree, buyers can in future also select the “Invoice” option in addition to SEPA transfer, instant transfer or credit card. To pay via Klarna, buyers enter their mobile phone number and personal date of birth. Klarna checks the information provided in the background and announces the invoice in the next step. This is created once the buyer confirms that they have received the goods as described. The buyer then has 30 days to settle the invoice.

Worth knowing about eBay classifieds:

Ebay, which is not identical to Ebay classifieds, is also introducing purchase on account via Klarna: Ebay – two new Klarna payment options.

Worth knowing about Klarna:

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