Ebay: Console collection for almost one million euros

A huge collection with over 2,200 consoles is currently being offered on Ebay for one million euros.

Every PC or video gamer has one or two sweethearts from the past in their closet. An old graphics card or game console is often kept for reasons of nostalgia. But often there is also considerable monetary value slumbering in the closet. An extreme example of such a collection can currently be found on Ebay France. There, an ambitious video gamer sells a collection of over 2,200 consoles with many games and rare merchandise items. Listed as an “incredible collection of over 2,200 consoles,” the lineup could generate record-breaking revenue. If you want to bid on the countless boxes of games and hardware, you have to shell out the buy it now price of 984,000 euros.

All models of all consoles

Specifically, there are 2,249 consoles that should cover all platforms of the past 50 years. This also includes all the different models, colors, versions and special editions of the game consoles. Some of these have only been awarded through competitions or have only appeared in other parts of the world. According to their own statements, this is the largest collection of consoles in the world. There are also several hundred games, signs, statues, accessories and terminals.

Over 1,6000 observers

The gigantic collection includes well-known consoles from Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Sony, NEC, SNK or Badai. A concrete description of all individual items would go beyond the scope of the auction. However, all the items in the auction can be found in the numerous photos, and there is also a long listing in the context of the text. With over 1,630 observers, there seems to be a lot of interest in the auction.

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