Echo Dot from 17.99 euros – exclusively for Prime members

Even before Prime Day starts, Prime members can exclusively buy various Echo models at significantly lower prices.

July 12th and 13th, 2022 is Prime Day. But Amazon is already selling selected smart speakers at significantly lower prices.

For Prime members only.

Introducing these exclusive Echo deals for Prime customers.

Here’s how to get the bargains if you’re not already a Prime member

Anyone who doesn’t know Amazon Prime yet but wants to be part of this year’s Prime Day can test and

for free

Sign up for Prime membership. The service is free for a full 30 days and must be canceled during this time if you do not want to continue the membership for a fee. So everyone can get all Prime offers for free.

Try Prime membership now for 30 days free of charge

These Echo bargains are now only available to Prime members

Echo Dot 4th Gen with LED clock for 24.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros

Amazon usually sells this Echo Dot for just under 70 euros. But currently Prime members get this smart speaker, which is well suited as a bedroom alarm clock, with a 64 percent discount! This is the higher-quality version with an LED clock. You can read our test report on this smart radio alarm clock with Alexa here: Test – Echo Dot 4th Gen. and Echo Dot 4th Gen. with clock. A short excerpt from our test conclusion: “We see the design as a significant advancement, the new Echo Dot is absolutely suitable for the living room.”

The Echo Dot 4th Gen with LED Clock is also available in combination with a portable battery socket. This makes Echo Dot 4th Gen independent of the power cable and can be operated with a battery. This

Echo Dot 4th Gen with LED Clock and Battery Socket

now only costs 54.98 euros for Prime members instead of 99.98 euros.

Without the LED clock, you pay for the

Echo Dot 4th Gen black with portable battery socket 49.98 euros instead of 89.98 euros.

In white color

find this offer here.

If you can do without the LED clock on the housing of the Echo Dot 4th Gen and want to save a few euros more, then this Prime offer is exciting for you:

Echo Dot 4th Gen for 19.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

. Apart from the missing LED clock, what was said above about the Echo Dot 4th Gen with LED clock applies to this Echo.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of the “ice puck design” of the predecessor Echo Dot 3rd Gen, then Amazon also has the right Prime offer for you:

Echo Dot 3rd Gen for 17.99 euros instead of 26.99 euros

(but only in the version without LED clock).

Amazon offers exclusively to Prime members as well

Echo Dot – Smart Home Bundles

at a reduced price.

Big overview: These Echo models exist and that is what distinguishes them from each other

Amazon Prime Day: First offers now

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