Edge browser gets new features for gamers

With an update, Microsoft has given its Edge browser new functions that are specially designed for gamers.

With the latest update, the Microsoft Edge browser should become more gamer-friendly. The new features include a games-focused start page and the integration of casual games. In addition, Microsoft has given the browser a function called “Clarity Boost”, which is intended to significantly improve the image quality when streaming games from the Xbox cloud. This feature is supported by an “efficiency mode” that is intended to prevent the browser from taking up too many resources when playing.

Efficiency mode for Windows 10 and Windows 11

The efficiency mode should be interesting for almost all PC gamers who use Edge as their browser. The feature is available in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. After activation, it prevents Edge from diverting too much computing power from the PC, which can instead flow into the calculation of the game worlds. As a result, Edge no longer needs to be exited before starting a game. After exiting the game, the browser automatically switches back to the mode that can use a little more PC computing power.

Solitaire in the browser

Clarity Boost, on the other hand, is a new upscaling feature designed specifically for streaming Xbox games. The result should be significantly sharper image content. The feature has been in testing for the past six months and has now been released to all players. The new home page, on the other hand, includes gaming news, live streams, Xbox content, and a shortcut to Xbox Cloud Gaming. New free games like Solitaire can also be found here.

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