Edge browser gets VPN integration from Cloudflare

Microsoft’s Edge browser will receive “Secure Network” functions from Cloudflare, 1 GB of data volume is given monthly.

The Microsoft Edge browser will receive VPN integration to better protect your privacy when surfing the Internet. As Windows Latest reports, the VPN service Cloudflare is integrated into the browser and 1 GB of free volume is granted per month.

Cloudflare integration for Edge

The service should be given the name “Edge Secure Network” and work similarly to the service in the Opera browser. In other words: with the mode activated, the browser will not record or log any online activities. This is to prevent your own Internet provider from being able to recognize your location or the websites you visit. Microsoft doesn’t explicitly declare the service to be a VPN, instead calling it “Secure Network.”

For example, the Microsoft documentation states that the “Secure Network” built into the browser encrypts your Internet connection to protect your data. This is made possible because the browser sends your traffic through Cloudflare’s encrypted tunnel and the result is a secure connection, even when you visit an insecure website.

The “Edge Secure Network” should be able to be activated with just a tick in the separate context menu. However, to use the service and get 1GB of free data per month, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. If the free data volume is running out, you will receive a warning accordingly. Nothing is known about pricing for the provision of additional data volume.

Other innovations of the Microsoft browser

In addition to the Cloudflare integration, the Redmond-based company’s browser is also getting a visual refresh that should integrate better with Windows 11. In addition, the browser presents itself with rounded corners for tabs and more.

Edge also gets a new sidebar on the right side of the browser. With it, users can access features like MSN Games, Outlook, Bing, and even web-based tools like the calculator.

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