Education plan has been finalized: this is how a restart will proceed

The Consultative Committee, which brings together all the governments of our country, has now also officially announced the plan for the further restart of education. The advice of Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) was further focused on this.

From June, education will be restarted in all years in our country. At the onset of the corona crisis in March, classes were suspended in the schools, but as the virus recedes, classes can be resumed. The consultation committee has now also made clear how this will exactly work.

Nursery education

On Tuesday, June 2 all kindergarten years reopen. There are no restrictions on the number of students in a class. Furthermore, the safe distance of one and a half meters does not have to be taken into account, both by the preschool children and by the teachers.

In kindergartens, no mouth masks should be worn, Toddlers, but also their supervisors may walk around in the classroom without a mask.

Primary education

In primary school, students of the first, second and sixth grade have been able to go to school for a while now. But from Monday, June 8 can also restart the other years. A trial day is possible on Friday, June 5.

Classes can have up to 20 students. Each class is considered a contact bubble and should not have contact with other classes, including the playground. Students should not wear a mask. Teachers should only wear a mouth mask when moving between students.

Secondary education

In secondary education, the sixth and seventh years had already started. But from Tuesday, June 2 students from the second and fourth years are also allowed to go to school again. The first, third and fifth high school students are expected to attend school for one more day in June.

In secondary school, the social distance of one and a half meters is compulsory and mouth masks are strongly recommended. The mouth masks are therefore no longer mandatory as was previously the case. Classes in secondary education may have a maximum of 14 students.

Higher education

Higher education will also not be taught in June. The exams will continue as usual, but the rules of social distancing must be taken into account in the exam room.


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