Efficiency app Amphetamine is allowed to remain in the App Store despite confusing name

The Amphetamine app may remain in the App Store. The Apple Review Board has decided that. The company did not want an association with drug sales and therefore wanted to exclude the app, but is now returning to that decision.

It’s a bit of a strange story. Amphetamine, an app developed in the United States, has been shining in the App Store since 2016. The app does not sell amphetamines, but allows you to remotely keep your Mac out of sleep mode.

Not a drug app

That reminded the developer, William Gustafson, of the effects of amphetamines, which can also give you an energy feeling. So he baptized the app and added a pill as a symbol. They can no longer laugh about that at Apple.

So Gustafson got a message that the app would disappear from the App Store on January 11, 2021. He filed an appeal to explain the situation, after which Apple reversed the decision.

Apple itself was still advertising

Gustafson himself says on Twitter that he is happy with that final approval, but is very surprised that it can come this far. The man has a point: In 2016, the App Store itself advertised Amphetamine, as it promotes its own products.

In addition, a quick glance at the app is sufficient to notice that it is not illegal drug sales. Gustafson also pointed out that “even then, it would be a legal substance, which you can obtain in the United States with the approval of your physician.”

Amphetamine – App Store

Amphetamines are of course a highly addictive drug, but they can also be found in pharmacies in derivative form. For example, certain ADHD medications are based on amphetamines. In the past, the substance was also used against depression and narcolepsy, although this treatment has become less common.

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