Elden Ring: Hackers destroy saves with PC exploit

Hackers can use an exploit to destroy the “Elden Ring” saves on the PC.

In the open-world role-playing game “Elden Ring”, an exploit has appeared in the past few days that can plunge players into an endless death loop and thus destroy the saved game.

A video
of the Twitter account EldenRingUpdate shows the exploit in action.

Attackers throw players into death loop

PC players who allow other users to join their game via the online function are affected. If the attacker and guest performs a certain ability here, they can use it to activate a kind of glitch that crashes the host’s game. If the host then tries to open the game again, his character falls to his death again and again. All previous hours of play will be lost in this way.

Workaround does not work in every case

Users on Reddit have found a tentative workaround, but it doesn’t seem to be working for all players. Before their character dies, players can attempt a quick Alt + F4 exit from Elden Ring. This gives you a little more time the next time you log in. When you restart the game, quickly open the map and teleport to a place of mercy. Currently, the only sure way to prevent an enemy invasion is to back up the game data and play Elden Ring offline. From Software and Bandai Namco have not yet commented on the exploit.

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