Elderly and risk groups in self-isolation instead of lockdowns? The idea is circulating in France

Since we may have to live with Covid-19 for a while, the Science Council of France proposes an alternative plan. For example, the elderly and at-risk patients are isolated, so that no further lockdowns have to be announced.

The Science Council in France is the advisory body to the government during the pandemic. It consists of Laetitia Atlani-Duault, Bruno Lina, Franck Chauvin and Chairman Jean-François Delfraissy. They indicate that it may no longer be justifiable to have lockdowns follow each other as the first response to rising Covid figures. They therefore defend a completely different approach. For this, the people who are physically weaker must accept self-isolation.

When will the pandemic end?

“The end of this pandemic could very well be postponed all the time by new variants emerging,” it sounds. So if this pandemic has booked a long-term stay, the committee says there should be some sort of social contract.

In addition, the younger generations must accept various preventive measures, such as masks and a good distance. Provided that the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or people with immunity problems, also take other, more stringent measures. For example, they can go into isolation themselves to reduce the risk of infection.

“At the moment the population has adapted quite well, but their doubts are clearly visible in the protest movements that exist everywhere,” the members still note.

Last resort

“Even if a general quarantine is more interesting according to epidemiologists and is considered a standard measure by some, its use should be weighed up and seen as a last resort,” underline the members of the advisory group. They also say there are economic and social consequences, especially for the younger generations, while they run little risk of dying from Covid-19.

The forward idea was received with open arms and great enthusiasm by the French Health Minister Oliver Véran.

Yet he also has doubts. “The feasibility of such a solution is highly doubtful,” he said through his spokesperson. “An enormous solidarity is required between the generations. In addition, the impact on the pandemic is not insured. ”

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