Elections 2021: what are the parties saying about tech?

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Technology is not an important part of the campaign for most parties, but the subject is nevertheless becoming increasingly important. Do we need a Ministry of Digital Affairs? What do the parties think of the large tech companies that are only getting bigger? And about privacy: does the encryption in chat apps need to be improved?

In this episode of the Bright Podcast, we briefly discuss the positions of the parties participating in the elections, and point you to more places where you can become wiser.

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Tips from this episode:

App: Dispo, in which you take photos on digital rolls. These can only be viewed the next morning, so that you live in the moment a bit more. You can share roles publicly on your profile or keep them private and possibly share them with friends. Now only for iPhones and with a queue, although friends can invite you.

Series: Star Trek Lower Decks on Amazon Prime. A comedy animated series that addresses the question: What is the rest of the Star Trek spaceships crew up to? The protagonists play the hero, but what does the rest do?

Series: The Next E-Talent Team Gullit on Videoland. The greatest talents in the football game FIFA compete in a knock-out race for a place on Ruud Gullit’s e-sports team. They are not only tested on their skills in the game, their top sport mentality, social skills and dealing with the media also count. Becoming an e-athlete, there is a lot involved.

Video: Self-propelled inland vessels: Just like cars, ships will also sail independently in the future. Bright was already allowed to join a ship that knows its way around the water and can sail for miles without the captain having to intervene. With the arrival of these types of ships, Rijkswaterstaat must also adapt bridges and locks, so that those objects can communicate with those self-propelled ships.


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