Electric car battery: which battery size is the right one?

So that moves the question ahead Which Battery size the right one for the personal everyday life is. Does it have to be the big battery? Isn’t a rather small one enough? And which one is ecologically sensible?

The ideal battery size depends on personal needs

A flat rate recommendation there is no such thing as the right battery size. Is that the electric car only one automobile in the household and should also be part of the family vacation transport, then comes the small battery allegedly not in question. The cars with the huge Batteries make this possible in many cases fast load with higher loading speeds. This is a decisive advantage on the motorway because the owner does not have to worry about range fears or economy trips. the bigger flexibility is added in the planning. Size Batteries offer more options for spontaneous Rides or unforeseen Detours.
Tesla Model 3

According to the manufacturer, the Tesla Model 3 can travel more than 500 kilometers with the large battery.

Longer service life can be expected with a larger battery

Besides, the lifespan large batteries usually last longer. A large battery takes the same number of kilometers fewer Charging cycles and ages therefore slower. To 200,000 kilometers For example, an electric car with a range of 200 kilometers already had to 1000 Charged times, one with a range of 300 kilometers only 670 times. Opposed to this are the higher acquisition cost for the car with the larger battery and the fact that the small battery mostly enough for commuting.

More electricity consumption due to higher weight

That higher weight a larger battery also pulls one Additional consumption of energy while driving. This in turn pays off over the years of use higher costs when charging. After all, that is requirement at rare Raw materials smaller with a smaller battery than with a large one. And ultimately, a bigger battery has one bigger CO2Imprint.

The size of the battery influences the overall CO2 balance of the electric car

Hyundai Kona Electric

When registering, the Hyundai Kona with the large battery already produced as much CO2 as the Kona with the small battery did after 30,000 kilometers.

Because that too CO2Overall balance of electric vehicles is important. The energy-consuming production the lithiumIonsBatteries is included in this. It applies Rule of thumb: The bigger the battery, the bigger the carbon footprint. Roughly one can assume that Per Kilowatt hour battery packcapacity about 100 kilogram CO2 attack.
Using the example of the electric Hyundai Kona, this means that the small battery causes 3,920 kilograms and the large 6,400 kilograms. For comparison: Of the CO2 emissions equals to Greenhouse gas pollutionwho have favourited a German Two peoplehousehold generated by electricity consumption in two years. In other words, the Kona has with the huge battery at his Sign up already so much CO2 produces like the twin brother with the small battery after about 30,000 kilometers of mileage.

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