Electric car cinema at Tesla: Quick annual general meeting, battery day can begin

Tesla’s Annual General Meeting in California began punctually at 10.30 p.m. on Tuesday evening – including the even more important event, the subsequent Battery Day, which was first announced more than a year ago. Surprisingly, the participants, who were mostly drawn by lot, were each assigned a Tesla Model 3 at the Fremont plant, from which they could follow the event. A large stage with a video screen was set up in front of these estimated 24 times 12 electric cars.

Short official Tesla part

After a short image film at the announced start time, which could already be seen in the live stream on the Internet, nothing happened for a few minutes. Then Tesla’s chief lawyer Al Prescott greeted the attendees, followed by board chief Robyn Denholm and new board member Hiromichi Mizuno, both of whom thanked the shareholders and mentioned Tesla’s mission. Next, Prescott read the agenda for the annual general meeting and listed items to be voted on and Tesla’s recommendation.

The Tesla shareholders who were drawn and some of whom were hand-picked had the opportunity to view a few prototypes (outdoors with masks): Tesla exhibited a Cybertruck, its ATV offshoot Cyberquad, the new Roadster and a Semi next to the stage. As one participant, the investor Ross Gerber, reported enthusiastically in his own live stream, everyone could apparently buy the Tesla Model 3 that was made available to him for the electric car cinema.

Anyone who had hoped for a mini annual general meeting so that Tesla’s longed-for battery day could begin all the sooner with a demonstration of a pilot cell production was not disappointed. First, the Tesla moderator gave the floor to several shareholders who wanted to comment on proposals. One after the other, they were switched on via audio transmission and did not seem necessarily inclined not to use up their three minutes of speaking time. But then the requests to speak ended and Prescott declared the official part of the general meeting over. An update on the situation at Tesla should follow, and then the battery tag.

When CEO Elon Musk took the stage for the first part, a horn concert began spontaneously. He looked back on a successful year at Tesla and whetted another appetite for the latest version of the autopilot system, which is coming soon. The Annual General Meeting was over after less than an hour, and after a short break, the actual event of the day should begin with the battery day.

Update: Tesla has unveiled its own battery plans – cells for less than half the cost with significantly more range. By 2030, the company’s own cell production is expected to be three terawatt hours per year, including some from Germany.


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