Electric car: Extinguishing system for e-car batteries from Rosenbauer

Device an electric car in fire, the fire brigade is often faced with new, sometimes little-known ones challenges. Because: the amount of Extinguishing water that is required is many times larger than with the incinerator, there burning Batteries cooled in a complex way Need to become. the visible Flames suffocating is not enough. Instead of almost 2000 liters, up to 11,000 liters water second hand.

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The world’s largest now has a special extinguishing system for battery packs in electric cars Fire equipment supplier Rosenbauer developed. The system of the Austrians should not only very efficient deal with the extinguishing water, it will be beyond that the end safer distance served.
Fire brigade battery extinguishing system for e-cars

The Rosenbauer extinguishing system is ideally placed between the road surface and the vehicle floor.

A quenching mandrel is driven into the battery

The Rosenbauer system consists of two parts – an extinguishing unit and an operating unit – which are connected to each other with hoses. The extinguishing unit, which is reminiscent of an oversized car jack, is ideally placed by the fire service on the battery, i.e. between the road surface and the vehicle floor. If the car in the accident is lying on its side or on the roof, it can still be extinguished.
Fire brigade battery extinguishing system for e-cars

The system rams an extinguisher into the battery pack and can cool down the cells directly on site.

the end eight Meters distance can now be switched on via the control unit Quenching mandrel rubbed into the batterythat the water like that direct to the Source of fire transported inside the battery. The extinguishing water should the battery pack to complete and one special along the way efficient cooling enable. Means: to control the fire much fewer water as if the battery were cooled from the outside. The amount of extinguishing water on board a normal Fire engine is therefore sufficient, and the extinguishing unit can also have a pump with Normal pressure operate. If the electric car is transported away from the scene of the accident, the Extinguishing unit at the automobile attached stay. This gives the fire brigade the opportunity to “fire up” water to extinguish the fire if necessary.

The battery extinguishing system can be ordered immediately

Rosenbauer has the innovative extinguishing system different Battery designs tested from pouch cells to round cells and involved various fire departments across Europe in the development. The battery extinguishing system can be ordered immediately and will be delivered from the beginning of 2022.

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