Electric cars 2020: Tesla Model 3 strong again in Norway, VW ID.3 ahead in the Netherlands

The fact that 2020 was another record year for Tesla has been clear since the delivery and production figures were announced last weekend. Overall, despite Corona problems, the company delivered almost exactly the 500,000 electric cars that its CEO Elon Musk had named as the minimum target at the beginning of the year. Bit by bit, data is now also arriving on individual markets in Europe. And as they show, Tesla has found its way back to its former strength after a temporary slump in the electric car country Norway – but in the Netherlands the VW ID.3, which was only delivered from September 2020, took precedence over the Model 3.

More than 50% electric cars in Norway

At 54 percent, the share of electric cars in new registrations in Norway exceeded the 50 percent mark for the year as a whole, according to the latest figures from the OFV association – in individual months it reached up to 80 percent. The top-selling electric car of 2020 was the Audi e-tron with 9227 new registrations. The VW ID.3 from the same group was in second place until the end of November. But with record approvals in December, Tesla at least got this position back with the Model 3.

According to OFV, a total of 4232 Model 3s were newly registered in Norway in the last month of 2020, more than twice as many as ID.3. In the year as a whole, the Tesla had 7770 new registrations, the electric VW 7754 and thus only slightly fewer. The Audi e-tron, on the other hand, sold very well, especially at the beginning of the year, but slipped towards the end and in December only came 8th of all cars in Norway.

VW ID.3 in Netherlands before Model 3

However, the Volkswagen Group was able to assert itself in another electro-friendly market in Europe: In the Netherlands, a total of 10,956 VW ID.3s were newly registered in the last three months of 2020, according to figures from the EU-EVs portal. That was a good 2,500 more than the Tesla Model 3, which, unlike the VW, was also available all year round. However, observers noticed a jump in ID.3 approvals on a day at the end of December. This could mean a bulk purchase by a leasing company or a dealer, because at the beginning of the new year taxes were also increased significantly for new electric cars in the Netherlands.

The same factor could explain that, according to EU-EVs, 2408 copies of an electric car were registered there in December 2020, which is actually not yet delivered: the VW ID.4 as the SUV offshoot of the compact car ID.3 Officially, it is only supposed to be Coming early this year, and at least in Norway no ID.4 approvals have yet been recorded.

2021 direct competition from VW and Tesla

When it starts, the electric VW SUV should also find some approval in the rest of Europe. But after the start of production initially for the local market in the Gigafactory in China, Tesla is expected to start exporting the Model Y to Europe as before with the Model 3. This means that, sometime in spring or summer 2021, electric cars from Tesla and Volkswagen in a similar format and at similar prices should face each other as direct competitors in Europe.


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