Electric cars Germany February: 2nd place for Tesla Model 3 – and only a single Model S

Despite the boom last year, electric cars are still a relatively rare sight in Germany – at the beginning of the year they only made up 0.6 percent of the total number of cars in the country. In February, the electric car share of new registrations was again a high 9.4 percent, supported by the Tesla Model 3 and two VW models. And one person was able to feel particularly privileged recently: She was the only one in Germany who registered a new Tesla Model S this February.

VW e-up in front of Tesla Model 3

This can be seen from the numbers on the new registrations of the individual models from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). For Tesla as a whole, they show a relatively strong second month in the quarter: After only 422 times in January (albeit more than twice as many as a year earlier), the Model 3 was now on German roads 1910 times.

That was enough for second place among the most frequently newly registered electric cars in February. At the top, however, was no longer the 2020 annual winner Renault Zoe, but, surprisingly, a VW model that has already expired: the e-up with 2215 new registrations. This small electric car has not been available to order since September 2020 because delivery times were up until the end of this year. After deducting the complete environmental bonus, it was available from around 12,000 euros, and now Volkswagen is apparently processing the order backlog.

Model S and Model X are disappearing

With 1,892 new registrations just behind the Tesla Model 3, another VW electric car made it into the German top 3 in February: the ID.3, which has only been on the market since September 2020. After a peak at the end of the year, ID.3 registrations had already declined significantly this January.

At Tesla, on the other hand, the decision to refresh the premium electric cars Model S and Model X is clearly noticeable above the Model 3. Since December 2020, they have no longer been produced in their old form, so that only a decreasing number of pre-produced copies were available – Tesla initially announced new ones for Europe for September, but the information in the configurator has now been postponed to November. In February 2021, according to the KBA figures, seven Model Xs were registered and only a single Model S. In the coming months, both numbers should even drop to 0, because neither Model S nor Model X are currently available from Tesla Germany.


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