Electric cars: great guide to buying a used car

Electric cars are clean, quiet and cheap to run. So actually a wonderful one alternative to gasoline and diesel. Actually. If it weren’t for the high ones acquisition cost! But it doesn’t have to be an electric new car: More and more Used with plug come on the market. Are they an alternative? How much can you save?
What are the Weaknesses of Stromern, and what should you watch out for when buying? CAR PICTURE provides answers to the most important questions about buying used e-cars!

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How long do you have to wait for a new electric car?

The anticipation of the brand new Electric car is currently (as of November 2021) with many manufacturers for a long time Waiting times clouded. The reasons are unexpectedly high demand after the cars, a slowly advancing one Changeover the Production lines and the persistent Lack of chips in the auto industry. The new car comparison portal (Cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) has determined which e-cars you have to wait for how long, here are a few examples: When VW ID.3 it’s ten months, just like with Dacia Spring . Of the Mercedes EQC takes nine months to come after ordering, and at Tesla it’s a whole year for both Model S and Model X. It is worth taking a look at the used car market, because the vehicles advertised there are available immediately.

How much cheaper is a used electric car than a new one?

Just like with conventionally powered cars, you can save a lot if you have one used cars to arise. From around 15,000 euros is in the AUTO BILD used car exchange for example a VW e-Golf (former price 34,900 euros) now available! If you take the 35,460 euros new price for one VW ID.3 9,000 euros environmental bonus (a DAT report can help to prove eligibility through the purchase premium), the result is 26,460 euros – and the second-hand predecessor is cheaper. Who is more likely to BMW i3 toying, doesn’t have to dig deeper into your pocket when buying a used car. At 34,950 euros, the new BMW was almost exactly as expensive as the e-Golf, but it is now used 16,000 euros something about the VW. This is how it looks at Tesla Model S from: The American E flagship costs at least 47,990 euros a little less than half of the current new price of 96,990 euros.

How much more expensive are new e-cars than combustion engines?

the Prices for new electric cars have been moving continuously towards the combustion engines for years. 2010 an e-car still cost more than double of a car with a conventional drive. 2014 it was 45 percent more than with the combustion engine, 2020 still more than ten percent surcharge. E-cars have become significantly cheaper in comparison. But “only when the Surcharge under ten percent falls, the purchase price will no longer be an argument against electromobility, “said car expert Heiko Fink in 2016 to AUTO BILD.

How much are used Stromers still worth after eight years?

Numerous Factors affect the Performance of electric cars. the Purchase bonus in the amount of up to 9,000 euros (by 2025) has increased the price pressure, because many new cars are suddenly as cheap as a young used one. This is already clearly noticeable when comparing the residual value of three-year-olds. On the other hand: Should only at some point emission-free cars be allowed to drive into the cities, that would value of e-cars on the other hand. Keep coming new more powerful batteries on the market, this in turn has a negative effect on the residual value of cars with “old” batteries.

It can be assumed that the value of old electric vehicles (from around the age of eight) drops rapidly as the Efficiency the battery will then decrease. Once the battery is flat, this could result in total economic loss.

What wearing parts do electric cars have?

Nissan Leaf

Electric motors are built more simply and they have a longer service life than combustion engines.

The great news: compared to combustion engines, e-cars have better significantly fewer wearing parts. So when buying a used one you have to pay less attention. Toothed belts, spark plugs, gearboxes, tank systems, exhausts – a Stromer doesn’t have any of these. And what doesn’t exist cannot break. Shock absorbers and chassis are subject to similar forces and wear and tear as in conventionally powered cars, and they are designed for the higher weight of e-cars. Electric motors are much simpler than combustion engines, have one longer lifespan and are less maintenance-intensive. This also applies to the single gearbox and the accumulators. The only weak point is the battery.

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How long does the battery last? Is the performance deteriorating?

The question of all questions. If you believe the manufacturers, they will last E-car battery a Car life long. The question is what that means – with good care a car can 15, 20 or even more years do good service. A battery is unlikely to achieve such a long service life: after a certain number of Charging cycles the performance decreases like with the cell phone, the range decreases, it has to be reloaded more and more frequently. Modern Lithium-ion batteries hold 1500 to 2500 charge cycles. With an average driving style, this corresponds to a period of around ten years, and then the battery is not dead immediately, but with one remaining energy content from 70 to 80 percent only slightly weaker on the chest. You should therefore rely on the Car model and year pay attention: In the course of time the models have been technically improved, a younger Leaf drives further than an older one and uses less energy. The newer the vehicles, the better the quality of the batteries and electric motors.

How do I find out whether the battery is still good?

Brand workshops can use the Data interface read out important battery data. This means that you can have the “State of Health” of the battery checked before you buy it. An absolute must! Do not sign a sales contract for a used Stromer without knowing the state of health of the batteries.

What if the battery breaks down?

“That is not planned,” was the standard answer of the E-car manufacturer upon request from AUTO BILD. Most brands are silent. Understandable: Goes outside the Warranty period (usually eight years or 100,000 kilometers) the battery hops, is the residual value of the car questionable. That was an extreme case Peugeot iOnthat AUTO BILD tested as a used car in 2014. One Replacement battery cost 24,374 euros at the time. That was 200 euros more than a completely new iOn! Important: An investment in the amount of the vehicle’s value no longer has to be calculated everywhere if the battery gives up the ghost. But several thousand euros are due.

Are e-cars designed to change battery modules?

An exchange individual battery modules is not provided for all vehicles. With the BMW i3, VW e-Golf and e-Up or even that Nissan Leaf This makes it possible to exchange individual, broken cell modules. The costs range between 300 and 500 euros. AUTO BILD recommends the electric car of choice before purchasing to get to the heart of this matter.

How expensive is it to maintain a Stromer?

According to a study by Institute for Automotive Industry (IFA) and the University of Economics and Environment (HfWU) Nürtingen-Geislingen from 2016 are the Maintenance and repair costs for electric vehicles around 35 percent below those of a comparable vehicle with a combustion engine. So do that for you Small car (Duration eight years, annual mileage 8000 km) with Electric motor 2350 euros due. owner of diesel– or Petrol models have to reckon with 3650 euros. The reason: no Oil change, no replacement of the exhaust system, less brake wear.

How do inspection and maintenance differ from the combustion engine?

inspection and maintenance differ in effort and costs from the combustion engine, but not in their regularity. E-cars are used by manufacturers in the equal time intervals called for inspection like conventional cars. This is to guarantee that the function and mechanics are in perfect condition. Regular maintenance contributes to the Value retention at and secures the Guarantee services of the manufacturer.
Of the Inspection effort is, however, much lower for e-cars. Time-consuming work such as changing from Operating fluids (Engine oil, cooling water) are eliminated. On the other hand, an important point is checking the battery. The other electronic components are almost maintenance-free. Accordingly, they are Inspection costs higher for combustion engines, as more time is spent and more components on the car have to be replaced regularly.

Do the brakes on electric cars last longer?

Yes! The magic word is Recuperation and means that Recovery of energy in braking and overrun. The electric car is not only accelerated by the electric motor, but also decelerated. As a result, part of the kinetic energy is fed back into the battery, and the Brakes wear out less. As a consequence, the brakes in the electric car should last six to ten times longer than in the combustion engine.

Do you prefer to buy privately or from a dealer?

Of the ADAC advises, in principle reputable dealers or to buy guild members. And: “Buyers should look for a new one if possible General inspection pay attention. “Also a stamped one Checkbook indicates a well-maintained car. But it is also important to check the competence of the workshop of your choice before buying, because the high-voltage technology requires specially trained mechatronics technicians.

Lease or buy?

Of the TÜV recommends: “Anyone who is unsure about a purchase should get one Electric vehicle for an initial three to four years lease“The financial risk is then limited.

Which used Stromer are there cheap?

Small and rather simply equipped Vehicles like the Renault Zoe cost as Second hand comparatively little money. The electric cars are no different from the combustion engines. You can also get the Nissan Leaf for a pleasantly small amount of money. The reason for this is that the Japanese at Fleet operators is popular and over and over again Leasing contracts leak.

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