Electric Schwarzenegger responds to Tesla Cybertruck

The Hummer “super truck” returns to the GMC brand in North America as a supercharged electric pickup with a huge battery giving 563 km of range.

If this car was a person, it would be named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Initially the incarnation of the American bodybuilder who gobbles up decalitres a day, he now wants to be eco-friendly, completely green and renewable. The Hummer is a bit like that too, going from a (barely) civilized 4×4 to an electric utility.

Attention, the GMC Hummer EV does not deny its origins, with muscles to spare, camped on its large 35-inch wheels. It was through a simple 5-minute video that we discovered the big baby of General Motors, while we expected a live with great sporting fanfare. It must be said that the teasers were mouth watering with Lebron James in guest star, during the Superbowl, final of American football last January.

An electron monster

Spectacular, the GMC Hummer EV is, but doesn’t give its exact dimensions. The length is estimated at nearly 6 meters for 2.10 meters wide and 2 meters high. However, it takes care of its appearance with its dynamic headlights also showing the battery level. They become one with the radiator grille, which is also bright by displaying the HUMMER name, while the GMC logo is barely visible in the front fascia. In the 4-seater cabin, everything exudes solidity. Even the screens appear to be tablets cut out for a desert expedition.

Their displays are also very futuristic, worthy of a science fiction film, and illustrate the different driving modes of the beast. Each wheel is driven and steered, with independent suspensions with controlled damping (the trim level increases by 10 cm on demand), and crab mode rotates them by 10 ° to roll diagonally. 5 more conventional modes are presented, where the road “Touring” is believed on the Moon, or “Off-road” on Mars (see photo gallery). “Ultravision” cameras also show objects invisible to the driver via the central 13-inch screen.

Insane torque and up to 563 km of autonomy

Technical question, GMC is in excess. The Hummer EV Edition 1 opts for 3 engines with a power of 1000 horsepower and 15.591 Nm of torque. The EV3X version will drop to 800 horsepower and “only” 12.880 Nm, with the EV2X and EV2 using only 2 engines accumulating 625 horsepower and 10,000 Nm.

We do not have the size of the new generation “Ultium” batteries offered by the GM-LG Chem duo, having referred to up to 200 kWh. We are happy with a maximum of 563 km, 482 km in EV2X and EV3X, or 400 km for the entry level. Only Edition 1 is expected to offer charging to 350 kW, promising recovery of 160 km in just 10 minutes. It is also this vehicle that you see in pictures with its roof with removable panels.

Launch in fall 2021, basic version in 2024

For those who have been waiting for the electric Hummer with a firm footing, it will be necessary to be very patient. It is only in the fall of 2021 that the launch series “Edition 1” will begin shipping, at $ 112,595 (95,140 euros). Add a year for the high-end Hummer EV3X, at $ 99,995 (€ 84,495). In the spring of 2023, the $ 89,995 (€ 76,045) EV2X will complete the catalog, and finally 2024 will see the base EV2 trim at $ 79,995 (€ 67,595). Only the reservation is open, for all levels, for the modest sum of 100 dollars (85 euros).

It will be 100% American-built at the Detroit Hamtrack, Michigan plant, which GM renamed Factory ZERO last week. With us, no question of seeing this “Super truck” (name of the Canadian site), because it is not planned in Europe. It will nevertheless be interesting to oppose it to the Tesla Cybertruck, its future great rival. The electric Hummer will also be available in an SUV version, still unknown to this day.


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