Electric scooters: These scooters impress with removable batteries

Anyone who lives in the city and is interested in electromobility often has a problem: on the fourth floor, you cannot charge batteries like on the driveway of the property. Unless the batteries can be removed from the vehicle and carried into the apartment.

Scooter riders can use that too

Reason enough for AUTO BILD MOTORRAD to put together an overview of electric scooters that can do just that: their batteries can be removed. The list starts with the quirky Cake Ösa Fley from Sweden and ends with the pretty Trinity Uranus.

Cake Ösa Flex

The company Cake (German biscuit) from Sweden builds motorcycles according to the motto “less is more”. Everything that is needed is there. Everything else is not. A clever, Cake-specific detail is the position of the electric motor. It sits coaxially to the swingarm axis and thus ensures that the toothed belt always remains tensioned.
Cake Ösa Flex+

The Swedish company Cake builds designer pieces on two wheels. Motto: Less is more.

The Cake Ösa Flex model comes with five hp and costs just under 8500 euros. The range of the Swedish design piece is given as 120 kilometers. The battery can be removed for charging. In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories and various options for a wide variety of transport tasks.

Emco Nova

Emco is a fixture in the scooter segment. This also applies to classically designed scooters like the Nova. Its ten inch small wheels are not always ideal for driving stability. But the removable batteries make charging around town super convenient.
Emco Nova R 3000

If you are looking for an electric scooter with a very classic look, the Emco Nova is the right choice.

Prices start at 3599 euros for the version with 2.3 hp and 28 Ah battery. With the 4.1 hp motor and the optional second battery, the Nova costs 4,999 euros, not including additional costs. The top speed is 45 km/h, and the manufacturer specifies a range of 50 to 130 kilometers, depending on the version. The charging time is two to four hours.

Govec’s Elmoto Loop

Ten years ago, the energy supplier EnBW started a pilot project on the topic of electromobility. The result was the vehicle that is on the market today under the name Elmoto Loop. Schwalbenmutter Govecs from Munich is now responsible for production and sales.
Govec's ELMOTO Loop
Hard to believe at first glance: The Elmoto Loop offers everything an e-bike needs.

The Elmoto Loop is still one of the lightest electric vehicles around. The driving stability is right. The rear wheel is driven by a 2.7 hp wheel hub motor. The battery in the middle of the frame can be removed. In addition, there is a storage compartment to take the charger with you, a USB socket and a smartphone app. Price: from 3990 euros.

Motoron Cupertino

KSR is considered a professional in importing and developing makes and models. The self-created entry-level brand of the Austrians is called Motron. Motron offers affordable two-wheelers that are also (or especially) suitable for a tight budget.
Motron Cubertino

The Motron Cupertino has been lovingly designed and, at 1999 euros, is aimed at those on a tighter budget.

The lovingly designed Cupertino is available from 1999 euros. You can call that a competitive price. The Cupertino is visually reminiscent of the Honda Supercub, the best-selling vehicle in the world. The narrow, 17-inch wire-spoke wheels should also be able to cope with bad roads. The battery is removable. There are LED lights for visibility. Two horsepower and drum brakes are enough for comfortable driving.

Nova Motors Inoa SLi6

Nova Motors praises the Inoa SLI6 in the highest tones. According to the manufacturer’s website, no compromises were made during development and the best possible components are used that are otherwise reserved for higher vehicle classes. If you brush aside that marketing talk, the Inoa SLi6 has become pretty and will certainly cut a fine figure in the city center.
The two standard 31.5 Ah battery packs have a capacity of 3780 Wh and should give the scooter a range of up to 150 kilometers. A four kW Bosch motor drives the Inoa SLi6. The maximum speed is the legally prescribed limit of 45 km/h. Prices start at 3999 euros.

Piaggio 1+

Anyone who is a Piaggio fan and doesn’t have 6000+ euros to spare for an electric Vespa should take a closer look at the new Piaggio 1+. The neat entry-level scooter costs just under 3200 euros and has some interesting goodies on board. These include a fully digital LCD color display, a storage compartment under the seat and LED lighting.
The maximum speed is estimated at 45 km/h. But the range makes you want more. Thanks to a battery with a capacity of 2.3 kWh, the Italians state that they can travel up to 100 kilometers in Eco mode. Hexagons inspired by the Piaggio logo are spread across the vehicle. According to the manufacturer, a full charge takes about six hours.

Seat Mo 125

VW subsidiary Seat is the first major automaker to sell an electric scooter. The stylish vehicle is called Mo EScooter 125 and was originally developed for a sharing service in Barcelona. The performance is given as 12.2 hp. According to the manufacturer, the top speed is 95 km/h and the range is 137 kilometers.
Three driving modes and a reverse gear for maneuvering are standard, ABS can be ordered as an option. The weight is 152 kilos, which is pretty high for a scooter. Super: Two helmets fit under the seat, and the battery can be taken into the apartment to be charged. At least 6700 euros must be invested.

Trinity Uranus

A pretty e-scooter from Trinity is called Uranus. The company develops in Germany and has it built in China. The retro look and the technology of the Uranus with, among other things, a wheel hub motor are welcome plus points, but they don’t let the German Chinese stand out from the crowd of its competitors.
Trinity Uranus

The Trinity Uranus impresses with batteries in which individual cells can be exchanged if the worst comes to the worst.

The situation is different with the LG batteries. They cannot only be removed from the scooter for charging. If necessary, individual cells of the batteries can be exchanged. Very innovative! The Uranus has 5.4 hp and drives at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Cost point: 3499 euros. If that’s not enough, you can also get the Uranus as an R version and even as an RS later this year.

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