electric sportswoman awaits green light

According to information from Car Magazine, the electric city car Peugeot e-208 could become a sports model of the caliber of the GTi, with an estimated power of 170 horsepower.

The GTi coat of arms lives in a complicated hour, at a time when the rules on CO2 emissions are tightening in Europe. The previous generation of Peugeot 208 had put an end to the career of this high-performance version in 2018. No replacement is on the agenda, at least in petrol, because the electric could take over.

Still under study

“If I offer a sports car from segment B, it will be 100% electric” says Jean-Philippe Imparato, Brand Director, at Car Magazine. However, the kickoff would not be given according to the vice president of Peugeot. “We will decide at the end of 2020” says Imparato.

This therefore confirms the first information from L’argus who mentioned a model with a different baptismal name (e-208 PSE). Here, the British media also puts forward the complexity linked to the management of space on board which would not allow the integration of additional batteries. To increase the power, it would therefore be necessary “Sacrifice a little of the autonomy of the e-208”. Instead of the original 136 horses (100 kW), a power of 170 horses (125 kW) is mentioned. Knowing that the 0-100 km / h is already 8.1 seconds on the base model, the acceleration promises to be striking on this likely version. On the old 208 GTi, this exercise was folded in 6.8 seconds.

Still unconfirmed, the future Peugeot e-208 GTi should not be released before 2021 or even 2022. Excluding bonuses, its price should be around € 40,000.


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