Electric SUV begins deliveries in China

Tesla has started deliveries of its Model Y SUV in China, with copies from the Gigafactory Shanghai.

Since the end of 2020, Tesla had started mass production of its Model Y in China. The brand of Elon Musk has announced the delivery of the first copies to customers in the Middle Kingdom in early January. It now stores ready vehicles in the plant’s car parks pending their acquisition by customers.

Tesla sent an invitation to a group of buyers to come and collect their vehicle. It was this Monday, January 18 that the first owners recovered their Model Y, photos to support on the brand’s social networks. The event took place at the Minghang Tesla Center, a hotspot for the brand in Shanghai.

Images from points of sale in China confirm the distribution of the first copies of the Model Y. It is not yet known how many Model Y the company will produce this year in Shanghai, but analysts predict 3,000 per week. On the Model 3 side, the Chinese Gigafactory would have a production capacity of 5,000 per week.


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