Elektra Trainer: Bavarian electric aircraft flies for the first time

A Bavarian electric ultralight aircraft took off for the first time yesterday. It should be able to fly up to 300 kilometers. Only with electricity.

The electric ultralight aircraft “Elektra Trainer” from the Bavarian company Elektra Solar took off from Memmingen Airport (Bavaria) for the first time on the evening of June 29, 2022. The maiden flight went smoothly, as reported by Bayerischer Rundfunk.

“Elektra Trainer” is a two-seater aircraft. However, only the test pilot Uwe Nortmann was on board for the maiden flight. Approval from the German Federal Aviation Authority is required before a passenger can board the aircraft.

“Elektra Trainer” is planned as a training aircraft; empty weight: 400 kilograms, wingspan: 14.5 meters. At 50 decibels it is quite quiet, so it could be suitable for small airports close to cities. The aircraft can currently fly around 2.5 hours in the Stay in the air and cover 300 kilometers, plus reserve.Solar cells are located on the wings, which supply the batteries with electricity during flight.The machine has an adjustable propeller, the landing gear can be retracted.The flight speed is 120 km/h, the Maximum operational speed is 180 km/h, although 205 km/h should also be possible.The batteries are charged on the ground using a portable 12 kW charger.

The aircraft is said to cost 250,000 euros, and inquiries are said to have already been received from all over Europe. The series production is currently being prepared, in a few years 100 copies per year are to be manufactured. The long-term goal is an electric plane for ten passengers and with a range of 400 kilometers.

According to BR, there are currently only two machines in the world that can fly electrically with two people.

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